5 Ethical Brand Directories Making It Easy to Shop Responsibly

ethical brand directory

Ethical brand directories are a great resource for consumers looking to discover more responsible brands. The brand directories below provide extensive lists of ethical brands and make it easy for shoppers to find responsible brands based on the category of goods they are shopping for. Start discovering new ethical and sustainable brands with these wonderful directories!

The Honest Consumer

If you didn’t already know, our community has a great Ethical Brand Directory that features over 100 ethical brands. Readers can easily pick the category of items they’re looking for such as clothing, home, etc. and be presented with a list of suggested ethical brands.

ethical brand directories

Bead & Reel

Bead & Reel’s ethical brand is great for conscious consumers looking for vegan brands, fair trade fashion, & more. Vegan shoppers can easily discover new brands by shopping brands with the “v” next to their name.

Wonderful Things

Love the convenience of Amazon, but skeptical about the ethics of what you’re purchasing? Thankfully Wonderful Things is making it easy for consumers to find socially responsible products on Amazon. Customers can easily browse products on Wonderful Things’ website and upon check out they are redirected to Amazon.

Just Ethical Goods

Just Ethical Goods is encourages consumers to discover & shop ethical fashion brands, accessories, home goods, and more. The beautiful website is user friendly allowing consumers to shop their values and easily sort goods by fair trade, organic, made in the USA, and recycled materials.

Change the World by How You Shop

Change the Word by How You Shop is a huge brand directory that connects consumers with ethical brands in the fashion industry, accessory brands, fair trade foods, ethical wedding planning, and just about any category you can imagine.

Made Trade ethical fashion and home goods

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