Small Business, Anxiety, & E-mails

Any other small business owners struggle with anxiety? E-mail can be tricky for me….I tend to take everything personally and overthink every little thing. Often times people make entrepreneurship look glamorous and for me, and so many, it’s a battle everyday. Balancing work, personal life, & mental health is incredibly hard. Some days are hard and that’s okay. 

Entrepreneur with Anxiety

9:46am-I received an email that upset me. It made me anxious. All day I felt drained and bothered. I couldn’t focus. My anxiety makes me blame myself for everything even things far out of my control. I take everything personally because my business is literally my life. 

10:02am-The self blame sets in, what did I do wrong? What could I have done to secure the client? I’m just trying to do good and make a difference, I’m not sure why they would do this to me? 

11:00am- I try to brush it off and focus on writing a blog post, but I just can’t focus. 

2:16pm-I go on a walk, grab a snack, & try to take my mind off things. 

3:06pm: I sit down and I write this post because sometimes writing can be therapeutic. But it doesn’t really do anything

4:15pm I cry because I feel like my business is failing. As though my hard work is a waste of time and won’t be financially sustainable. 

4:23pm-Exhausted I call it a day and curl up on the couch because this is anxiety. And this is entrepreneurship. And this is the reality of a day in the life of an entrepreneur living with anxiety.

For those who don’t struggle with mental health, you might think this is silly. An e-mail taking up an entire day? That’s the thing about anxiety. I can’t turn it off. The e-mail wouldn’t get out of my head and I couldn’t focus or get anything done. I’m not the only one. I know plenty of other business owners struggling with anxiety.  So practice loving, value mental health, and be kind.