Pushing Through The Entrepreneur Burnout

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life….right? Myth busted. Entrepreneurship seems to be really glorified these days. Social media makes running a business appear easy, makes it seem common for an overnight success story, and fails to shine a light on a lot of entrepreneur's struggle before success. The reality is entrepreneurship is hard as hell, not for the faint of heart, and the entrepreneur burnout is a serious side effect.

I’m SO passionate about running The Honest Consumer & Give a Damn Goods. But there are always things I dread….working weekend vendor fairs, anything with numbers (especially the accounting side of things), and sometimes talking on the phone. Creating content and connecting with consumers is where my heart is, but to be a business owner you have to wear multiple hats and tackle the unpleasant tasks head-on.

Lately I’ve been feeling really burned out. I totally overcommitted. As many of you know I launched my mini-marketplace, Give a Damn Goods, in the fall. I LOVE it and feel it was a great move to add a much needed source of revenue to my business. I’ve been learning a lot about online sales, inventory management, and it’s been very interesting. I’ve also been taking part in vendor fairs & sharing the stories of the products in person, which has been a wonderful experience. I wanted to learn fast….so I signed up (and paid for) for a bunch spring & summer vendor fairs...and I wish I would’ve paced myself more. As a one woman show these vendor fairs can be long days, draining, and hard work. Yes, we all love to shop at these local events, but shoppers don’t always see what goes on behind the scenes. Some of them can end up being 12 hour days with set-up & tear down….some of the vendor fairs worth the struggle and some not so much.

The burnout is real right now. I have a vendor fair today actually….and I’m totally dreading it. And the end is not insight….I have a few more this month, next month, & will be taking a much needed break in July. My business needs the income, I’ve already paid for the events, and there is no backing out. So I’m trying to push through the entrepreneur burnout as best I can.

I’ve tried taking a few days off during the week to rest and relax, but then I end up with this guilt of not being productive. BUT it’s hard to be productive when you’re experiencing this burnout and lose sight of your passion. I know this is just temporary and once I get a rest I’ll be feeling back up to the challenge, but I guess I’m writing this to show you the reality of entrepreneurship. It’s not a walk in the park or instant success. It’s struggle, determination, & pushing through when you want to quit. And if you’re an entrepreneur feeling the burnout you’re not alone!