Eco-friendly Save the Dates & Wedding Stationery from Botanical PaperWorks

sustainable save the dates

I’m so excited to share our save the dates with this conscious community! Our sustainable save the dates from Botanical PaperWorks are made with seed paper and I’m obsessed. Our friends and family can actually plant the save the date, the paper will compost down, & the seeds will sprout into wildflowers! How cool?

Botanical PaperWorks crafts eco-friendly wedding stationery such as save the dates, wedding invitations, menus, favors & more. Their high quality sustainable paper products are made with innovative seed paper. Through their biodegradable seed paper made from post-consumer material. Botanical PaperWorks is working to reduce waste and spread beauty. Not only do I LOVE Botanical PaperWorks eco-friendly values & amazing products, but I also sincerely appreciate that Botanical PaperWorks is a 20+ year old family owned business started by founder Heidi & her mom. While originally starting out in stationery, Botanical PaperWorks has expanded their focus to include wedding paper goods, paper products for businesses, & eco-friendly product packaging.  

What’s the seed paper process look like?

Botanical PaperWorks collects post-consumer waste from businesses and schools in their area and use the local waste as the base for their eco-friendly, plantable seed paper. Through this collection process Botanical PaperWorks has saved tons of paper from landfills. The collected recycled materials are used to make a new paper pulp which has non-GMO seeds added to it. Inks used to print the stationery are water-based and the dyes used to color the ink are organic allowing these to decompose and not harm the environment. Customers are able to customize their paper products with confidence.

plantable seed paper wedding invites

Why you should choose seed paper for wedding stationery?

Through my conversations with Botanical PaperWorks I learned that, while most paper products are recyclable, consumers need to be conscious of the limited amount of times paper fibers can be reused. Similarly, paper products coated with plastic or foil often end up in landfills due to the high cost to recycle such items. However, seed paper will compost away somewhere outside so that it not only diverts paper from waste streams, it becomes a part of nature!

Does the seed paper actually work?

Yes, take it from me! I planted one of the save the dates and you can see a few sprouts already.

I’m so thrilled with Botanical PaperWorks products and can’t wait to have our invites and other wedding paper goods printed with them as well! I appreciate their pre-made wedding designs and the ability to customize paper goods. Not only are their products exceptional, but I’ve experienced wonderful customer service as well! If you’re looking for eco-friendly save the dates or wedding invites, Botanical PaperWorks is a must!

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