3 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Blog

When I launched my blog as a sophomore in college I had no clue what I was doing. I never thought that my silly blog would be something thousands of people read....or something I could turn into a business. I started my blog with no knowledge. Here are a few mistakes I made as a beginner blogger that could save you some time and money. AND grow your community quicker. 

1) Take the time & understand SEO Basics

Tips on Starting a Blog

I jumped into my blog as a naive college student. I didn't think I would actually make a business out of it. Since I was blogging for fun I just jumped in and began writing. I didn't take the time to understand the basics of SEO. SEO is tricky and to be honest I don't fully understand it. I probably never will. And it's always changing which makes it a challenge. However, after two years of blogging I started learning the basics of SEO and saw how my traffic could be positively impacted with a few minor changes to my pages, keywords, and such. Had I learned this in the beginning....1)it would've saved me a lot of time and 2) my blog might have taken off sooner! Instead I had to spend about a week going through old posts to amp up the SEO. It was tedious and not something I'd recommend. Start off strong and understand SEO. 

2) Broader is better.

When I first launched my blog I was only writing about social impact. My original thought was to capture this niche market and create an educational platform about social impact. However, when I expanded into writing about other topics this brought more people to my website and created higher engagement. By expanding my content topics I was able to grow my community. 

3) Recognize the Power of Pinterest

Common Mistakes Made When Launching Blogs

When I launched my blog I only focused on Instagram and Facebook. Mainly because those were the main platforms I used as a college student. I failed to recognize the power of Pinterest and other click through social medias like Tumblr. While Facebook and Instagram are great for growing a community, they are not always great for web traffic. Pinterest is like the gift that keeps on giving. People share your links with their network, reshare, and so on. And Pins are a direct link to your site. If you think about Instagram (unless you tag product) you're really just posting a picture and if a follower wants to learn more they have to go to your profile, find your link, and click through. That's a lot of work for our short attention spans and most likely your followers aren't going to that. However, Pinterest is built for click through links and designed to send traffic directly to your website. I'm still working to improve my Pinterest because of what I've learned recently! If you wanna give me a follow :) here it is, haha! 

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