Music That Makes a Difference: Songs Against Slavery

Songs Against Slavery hosts benefit concerts to raise awareness of human trafficking and raise funds for their partnering non-profits. 

Songs Against Slavery’s passionate co-founders, Grace and Lauren met in high school. As the two set out for separate colleges in Michigan, they did not expect to become co-founders of a non-profit. When the two friends returned home from their first year of college Grace expressed concerns about an article she had read pertaining to sex trafficking. Grace felt called to take action and address the ongoing issue with her passion for music.

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White Field Farm

White Field Farm is a social enterprise providing employment to survivors of human trafficking through the creation of soaps, candles, lotions, and more.

White Field Farm has partnered with a local non-profit The Hope Project. The Hope Project was founded due to the high human trafficking rate in Long Island and the disconnect between resources and survivors recovering. The Hope Project saw an opportunity and is in the process of creating a program centralizing resources survivors need.

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Karama: Ethical Accessories Empowering African Entrepreneurs

Founder of Karama, Dyan, felt called to start Young Life in Ethiopia. After making the move from Indiana to Africa, she started building relationships with community members. Dyan saw the need for livable wages after learning that many women were in undignified professions. Dyan started brainstorming how to create livable wages and noticed the wonderful craftsmanship in the local community. Dyan wanted to help grow the local craftsmanship business. She ordered silkworms and taught herself how to spin silk. Soon after learning her new skill, Dyan began teaching six women how to make scarves. The scarves were then shipped to women in the U.S. and sold.

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Hugs Cafe: Opportunity for the Special Needs Community in Dallas

WOW! My heart is so full! Hugs Café is an incredible establishment filled with positivity, friendship, and purpose. This amazing café employs special needs adults with a true passion for their job. Just look at the smiles in the picture! You can tell this is a group of bright individuals.

Hugs Café employs twenty-two men & women with special needs including down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and more. These conditions do not define or set boundaries for this hardworking team at Hugs Café. After the training process, jobs are assigned based on the individual’s skill set. Responsibilities include bussing tables, working the cash register, washing dishes, baking, and more.

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