Mini + Meep: Organic Fashion for Kids

Mini + Meep creates earthy, eclectic style for tiny humans beginning their journey in the world.

Mini + Meep founder, Fay began creating watercolor based designs in college. She realized she could use these designs to create a positive impact. Fay, and her close friend Michelle, used the nature inspired designs to co-found The Tote Project. After The Tote Project took off, Fay decided to create a similar line of clothes with her baby on the way soon.

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Bohnd Bracelets: Helping Young Entrepreneurs

Bohnd Bracelets sell bracelets that bring people together while encouraging individuals to embrace their unique stories. A portion of the bracelet profits are invested in young student entrepreneurs. My Bohnd Bracelet colors are green and pink. These colors serve as a reminder that despite the chaos taking place in the world, it is important to focus on loving one another.

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The Grey Index

The Grey Index is on an exciting mission to find transparent and sustainable brands. The Grey Index has fabulous accessories! Products include leather wallets, leather clutches, bags, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.

Grey Index founder, Britt and I had a wonderful conversation about sustainable fashion. Britt went to Mississippi State University and studied Fashion Design and Merchandising.While studying at Mississippi State, Britt became fascinated by the supply chain and began asking questions. This sparked her passion for ethical fashion. Britt was able to intern for the fair trade clothing company, Mata Traders, to learn more. Today, while running The Grey Index, she continues to do photography for Mata Traders.

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