Fair Trade Fashion Show

Founded in 2015, The Fair Trade Fashion Show is a nonprofit striving to educate consumers, shine a light on ethical fashion, and raise awareness of certain social issues. Fair Trade Fashion Shows are hosted in the Los Angeles area featuring a variety of fair trade brands, while raising money for anti-trafficking organizations.

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Jonas Umbrellas: Stay Dry & Give Clean Water

Clean water is a luxury we often take for granted. This is a resource we use on a daily basis and typically don't think twice about it. However, over 748 million people do not have access to clean water. Jonas Umbrellas is taking action by funding wells in African schools through umbrella sales in America.

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Z Shoes Organic

Z Shoes sources sustainable materials from communities in Peru creating economic stability. They also  donate 2.5% of revenue to Not for Sale, a non-profit that focuses on community development by focusing on education and healthcare aspects. 

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Purpose Jewelry

Purpose Jewelry sells beautiful handcrafted jewelry created by survivors of human trafficking.

The social enterprise Purpose Jewelry was created as part of the non-profit International Sanctuary, which provides care and support for survivors. By selling jewelry, Purpose is able to provide funding for their sister non-profit, International Sanctuary, while teaching survivors skills of employment.

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The Tote Project

Carry your summer essentials in style with The Tote Project! The Tote Project sells fair trade, organic cotton pouches and tote bags handmade by survivors of human trafficking. These adorable bags are providing women with second chances.

Fay and Michelle started The Tote Project because they both felt called to help. Michelle was heartbroken, but inspired by the documentary about human trafficking, “Call + Response.” Fay realized her true calling was to use insight gained from traumatic experiences to bring change and uplift others. These two wonderful ladies wanted to make a difference together. Fay started out selling bags on Etsy, but had trouble producing enough product. She realized she wanted to make an impact and fair trade was a priority.  The two passionate individuals set out on the adventure together, starting an IndieGogo to receive funding and reaching out to Freeset to ensure bags were made with fair trade principals. The Tote Project was born.

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Art with a Purpose

“COOL ART WITH A COOL MISSION.” Wunderkid is encouraging young artists to follow their dreams while getting an education. Wunderkid works with artists ranging from high school to college graduates, putting 50% of profits towards tuition funds for the artists.

I had the honor of chatting with Denise, the founder of Wunderkid, to learn her story.  Denise was struggling to pay for school as a student at NYU. She found herself working long hours to pay for her education and focusing on school work which left little time for what she loved, dance. Denise was frustrated because she put more time into working as a bartender than following her passion for dance.

Eventually Denise had the opportunity to move to California and pursue her dreams, dancing in films and music videos. While living the dream in California, she never forget the struggle of being a student and following her passion for the arts.

Denise saw a problem with teens working long hours to pay for their education and losing sight of their goals. She started Wunderkid to encourage kids to continue their love for art while saving up for an education.

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Doing Good Works: Creating a Safe Space for Foster Youth

Doing Good Works is making social responsibility easily accessible for those in the corporate world. Through Doing Good Works, for-profit businesses are able to modify their buying habits to impact foster youth. Doing Good Works offers coffee products through Cause Cups and promotional products through Promote4Good. Proceeds from these purchases go towards training and employing those who have aged out of the foster care system.

My friends at Doing Good Works were generous enough to let me try some of their Cause Cups coffee. I tried the cold brew and the medium blend. WOW! This is high quality coffee! The cold brew is organic, smooth, and refreshing. It is also super convenient when you are on the go! As a college student, coffee is always flowing through my veins. Being able to grab a bottle of coffee and go was super convenient. I will definitely purchase more of this! The medium blend was wonderful, as well! Ground to perfection and not too strong, this direct trade coffee was just right.

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