5 Benefits of a Long Engagement

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I’ve been surprised by how many people told me having a long engagement is a mistake. I will say timing is different for everybody and short engagements work for some people, but having a long engagement has been wonderful for us. Jake and I decided to have a long engagement for a few different reasons.

When we got engaged he was starting a new job and we were moving across the country…so not prime wedding planning time. Also, for my sanity and mental health I needed to know I had a lot of time to figure things out. AND because the slow living, conscious consumer fanatic in me wanted to plan wedding to be as socially responsible as possible. I wanted to find vendors who give back, care about other people and the plant, and work with brands who actually celebrate love through their missions. Honestly, it’s made wedding planning so much fun because I love the stories and missions some of my wedding vendors are sharing! (Can’t wait to share with you) The process of discovering these meaningful vendors is making our wedding that much more meaningful. Besides my personal ties to the hearts of my vendors, here are a few reasons I think long engagements are great.

benefits of long engagement

1) More time to plan the wedding equals less stress.

Personally, I think the more time you have to plan and save up….the more sanity you will have! By giving ourselves a year and a half, I have had a decent amount of time to research vendors and choose the ones I feel are the best fit for us. Not having to make rushed decisions also allows you to filter out what you really want…What is important to you at the wedding? Who is important to have at the wedding? Time to answer these questions will give you clarity in planning your event.

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2) Budgeting & saving for the wedding.

Weddings are SO expensive. It can get out of hand quickly. But by having a long engagement this gives you plenty of time to budget and plan. Take advantage of sales through out the year and discounts from different vendors. A lot of wedding stationery brands have black Friday & cyber Monday sales. Some venues even had holiday promotions going on too! See my list of Eco-friendly Wedding Stationery Brands here.

3) Consider the wedding party.

When we got engaged we were less than a year out of college. And most of our friends were fresh out of college too. This means our friends (and us) are still budgeting and working to get to a place of financial security. Our friends took jobs in different parts of the country which means they have to travel for our wedding. They need the funds and vacation days to be able to do that. By setting our date a year and a half in advance, this allows our wedding party plenty of time to save up vacation days and money for wedding festivities.

4) Enjoy it.

You’re probably laughing at the slow living guru in me, but honestly just slow down and enjoy the now. Wedding planning can get stressful. You have the rest of your life to be married. So take your time and enjoy each other, where you are in life, and take your time with the planning.

5) Vendor Availability

If you’re planning a year or so out the vendors you want will have more availability. This extra time allows you to research and secure the vendors you feel are best suited for your wedding.

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