Small Business Owner Struggles: Anxiety Taking Over

mental health of small business owners

Today I couldn’t think of a topic that inspired me, so I’m writing about my current struggles on my crazy journey as a social entrepreneur. I love getting in over my head and taking on more projects that I can handle, especially when it has to do with social impact. I want to help everyone and empower others to help too! But sometimes that backfires on me. Recently, I’ve been feeling unmotivated and uninspired to write lately (like today) which is odd for me. I try to make myself write everyday to fuel my creativity. And it usually comes pretty easy to me. But I think this struggle is because I’ve committed to so many things that my mind is struggling on where to focus.

I’m incredibly excited about everything I’m doing. The blog is doing great, traffic is up, companies want to be featured, Give a Damn Goods is off to a great start, I’m launching new ethical apparel next month, and I’ve signed up for some holiday vendor fairs. All things I LOVE and will help me further the social impact of The Honest Consumer & Give a Damn Goods, but sometimes when I have so much going on my anxiety starts to take over my business.

When my anxiety sets in and effects my business it can be a crazy spiral. Organization goes out the window, I fall behind on e-mails, and the worst is that I beat myself up about little things. My anxiety tells me that I’m not doing things right and that I’m going to fail. My anxiety tells me that people are not going to be happy with my content. My anxiety tells me that my holiday vendor fairs are going to be a waste of my time, resources, & money….even though it’s literally been a goal of mine to have my own booth one day. My anxiety tells me that I’ve made a mistake expanding to Give a Damn Goods. My anxiety sets me into a tunnel vision which makes me not want to do anything because I feel that I’m doing everything wrong. All in all my anxiety makes me feel that I’m not good enough. Now I know deep down this is not the case. But anxiety isn’t just a voice I can turn off. And it can be incredibly hard and exhausting to have this demon in your mind while you’re trying to grow a business. It’s a fight and a journey.

I don’t have the answers. I’m just writing because I thought others might relate. If you do relate you should also check out my post Anxiety: Founder & CEO. But I have found that walks and naps have been helping me recenter and refocus in the short term.