Amazon Prime Day: A Reminder to Think About Our Buying Habits

Yes, today is the magical Amazon Prime Day....the Black Friday of summer. Let me start this post off by saying I think overall Amazon is a good company. I have loved ones who work at both ends of the spectrum for Amazon, in the tech industry and in the warehouses. They offer good insurance and fair wages. I'm also a fan of Amazon Smile and how they give back, needless to say I'm not at all writing this post to hate on Amazon, but rather to bring awareness and encourage consumers to consider what goes into our consumer demand of immediate  gratification and instant shipping.

Don't worry I'm guilty too. I order a package and want it to come ASAP. I track it every day. But it's a challenge to slow down and think what all goes into the immediate shipping we love so much. My dad works part time at the Amazon warehouse taking on the night shifts. And this week because of Prime Day he's required to work double. Amazon is compensating their employees for this, so as I stated I'm not writing this to hate on Amazon at all, but rather to bring attention to the hard work that really goes into getting our packages with the infamous One Day Shipping or One Hour Shipping. When my dad first started working for Amazon, he reflected and said he never really considered how much work was going into online orders. I think this is true for all consumers, we don't pause and reflect. A LOT of work goes on behind the scenes to receive our online orders so quickly. There are people working around the clock to get orders out and about. How crazy is it that Prime Day has such an impact on consumerism that thousands of warehouse workers are asked to work double. It's insane when you think about it how demanding we are as consumers. We are so quick to make purchase, yet never slow down and think who is this effecting?

Are the people packaging and delivering my orders compensated fairly? What has to happen in order for me to get my order in two hours? What really goes on behind the scenes? If SO many customers are ordering with two day shipping, how does that effect warehouse employees? Do I really need this item tomorrow?

There are people behind EVERY aspect of our purshases. The crafting of the good, the fulfilling, the's kind of sad to think that people work over night to fulfill our immediate gratification for consumer goods. Our consumer demand is insane and the amount of stuff we order online is crazy. So this Amazon Prime Day, I invite you to slow down and reflect before you make those purchases....who knows it might even save you some money!