Sustainable Pasta Shops Near The Colosseum

During our stay in Rome our Airbnb host was nice enough to share some suggestions for affordable pasta shops in the area with us! We stayed in the Colosseum area which was a great location! These hole in the wall places in the Colosseum neighborhoods were way cheaper and way better than most of the actual restaurants we ate at.

Pasta Chef: Scrumptious Lasagna & Sustainable Style

must visit pasta restaurants in Rome

Pasta Chef was a wonderful little place! I was particularly appreciative that Pasta Chef uses biodegradable and compostable tableware to reduce environmental impact! Their tableware is made from renewable plant sources! SO COOL!  The hip design was appealing, as well as the friendly staff. The affordable prices were a plus too...most plates around 7-8 euros. The food was so good that we went both days we were in Rome! Personally, I loved the lasagna and the fettuccine alfredo! Jake got the pesto which was good too! 

Maccheroni Express: Quality Ingredients You Can Taste

This restaurant was a total hole in the wall and SO tiny. They literally have three tables inside! But their pasta was one of my favorites through out our time in Italy! I had the gnocchi with ragu and WOW! I loved it! Maccheroni Express focuses on using fresh high quality ingredients such as organic tomatoes. What I love about this, is that even while using organic ingredients their prices are still very reasonable with most pasta dishes around 7 euros. 

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