6 Ways to Take Action & Be Part of Fashion Revolution Week

It’s Fashion Revolution Week! This week we’re coming together to raise awareness of the harmful effect fast fashion has on people and the planet! There are so many easy and FREE ways to take action. Here are six ways to be part of Fashion Revolution Week and advocate for fair fashion!

Spread the Word & Educate Your Loved Ones

Believe if or not there are A LOT of people who are unaware of the Rana Plaza tragedy, the harmful effects of fast fashion, & Fashion Revolution Week. So inform your loved ones! Spread the word! Share resources on social media from The Honest Consumer, Fashion Revolution, or any other conscious living sites! Let them know that they have power with every purchase they make.

Watch The True Cost with Your Friends

Host a movie night and start by watching The True Cost. You can stream it on Netflix or Amazon. It is a wonderful documentary that will truly open your eyes. In The True Cost viewers will learn about the harmful effect fast fashion has on our planet and the inhumane treatment of garment workers.

Ask the brand #whomademyclothes

Post a picture of your clothes on social media, tag the brands, and use #whomademyclothes. This is a great way for getting the brand's attention and showing that consumers want transparency.

Send a letter to a clothing brand

Fashion Revolution's website has a pre-made templates for consumers to send a letter asking brands who makes the clothes & asking policy makers to take action. You can view the templates here. 

Participate in Fashion Revolution Week Events

Participate in an event! Fashion activists all across the world are hosting Fashion Revolution Week events in order to celebrate change and raise awareness. You can find a list of these events on Fashion Revolution's website, here.

Support Brands That Value Other People & The Planet

Support brands who share your values! Consumers can do this by shopping locally, shopping small, and shopping ethical brands. The Honest Consumer’s Ethical Brand Directory is a great place to start learning about brands making a positive impact.