3 Ways to Support The Honest Consumer

How to support ethical fashion

This post may seem self centered, haha, but quite often I get people asking how they can show their support. Honestly it means a lot. The Honest Consumer does serve as a free resource for people interested in conscious living. I don't take donations or anything like that. I want this to be a community focused on positive shifts in our lifestyle. I'm not trying to get rich of this website (if so I would've quit a long time ago, haha). I’m not at a point where I can take a steady salary yet, so support from followers is greatly appreciate. Not necessarily financial support, but spreading the word really helps grow our community!

1) Use the Ethical Brand Directory

The Ethical Brand Directory is a great tool and resource when you’re looking to do some shopping. This directory is filled with brands I have previously worked with, tried their products, and am passionate about. The directory take a lot of time to put together so by using the directory it means a lot! Some of the links in the directory are affiliate links which means a certain percentage of purchases go back to The Honest Consumer (at no additional cost to the customer, of course!). Every little bit from this helps keep The Honest Consumer as free platform for those interested in conscious consumerism and living.

2) Share & Subscribe

See a post you like? Share it! You have no idea how much this helps! Spreading the word is huge and sharing articles helps our conscious community grow! When you share an article on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. this has the potential to send new viewers and potential subscribers to the site! The more people we have coming to the site, the more people we have learning about conscious living, YAY!

3) Shop Give a Damn Goods

I recently opened an online mini-shop of my own to help sustain The Honest Consumer. If you’re looking for any type of gifty items it would mean the world if you checked out Give a Damn Goods. These are all brands I’ve worked with through The Honest Consumer! Yay for small business relationships and support!