Flood Clothing: One of a Kind Apparel Crafted from 100% Recycled Materials

Flood Clothing creates unique, one of a kind apparel made out of 100% recycled clothing. The crafting of each garment prevents textiles from ending up in the landfills. Flood Clothing is designed and hand sewn in Portland Oregon.

In the process of studying apparel design, founder Nicole had her world flipped upside down. She became aware of the harsh realities in the fashion industry including poor environmental practices and the unfair labor conditions. After learning about the fashion industries negative effect on the people and planet, Nicole felt called to take action. She wanted revolutionize the fashion industry by making people feel confident and having a positive impact on the planet. She wanted to create clothing to makes customers feel good about themselves in an industry that tends to have negative impacts on consumer self esteem.

So what does design with recycled materials look like?

I was curious about this because I imagine it’s hard to design when all your fabrics are different. Flood Clothing seems to have it down! Nicole and her team get a variety of fabrics from Goodwill, donations, and excess fabrics. They sort through thousands of pounds of clothes and pick the best quality materials. Materials are washed at an eco-friendly laundromat and the design process begins. Nicole’s designs revolve around three key characteristics.

  1. Is it something that has been seen before?

  2. How can Flood Clothing maximize the garment its made from?

  3. How does it make the body make kick ass?

The result is an incredibly unique, garment hand sewn with love in Portland Oregon. Good for people and good for the environment.

Clothing Made from Recycled Materials

I absolutely LOVE my sweatshirt from Flood Clothing! Nicole and her team are incredibly talented. Nicole observed my style based on my Instagram and designed this hoodie specifically for me! SO cool! It has all my favorite colors and she even included a fun whale in the hood to welcome me to the Pacific Northwest. The flow of the garment colors is relaxing and fun. The fit is incredible! I’m not exactly the traditional stick skinny size as a lot of bloggers and models are, so sometimes I’m self conscious about garments fitting me. This Flood Clothing sweatshirt fits PERFECTLY. It is so flattering with the slightest bit of flare to keep the fit comfortable. The pockets are a huge plus too. Great for sticking your phone in them!  The sweatshirt is incredibly soft and the light weight is perfect for the Seattle weather I’m adjusting to. The coolest part about this sweatshirt is that Nicole named it the "Honest'Em." I’m so honored that Nicole named a beautiful garment after me! That’s the cool thing, you can get an Honest Em Light Speed hoodie too! Obviously all Flood Clothing garments are unique, but the style and color palette will be inspired by the hoodie I’m wearing!

I highly encourage you to check out Flood Clothing and support their eco-friendly initiative of turning unwanted apparel and fabric into something beautiful! Get yourself an Honest Em Light Speed hoodie here.

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