Why Anxiously Awake?

Blog Bringing Awareness to Mental Health

I'm Emily. Ever since I can remember, I've been struggling with anxiety. My parents were about the only people who knew until about six months ago. I've always been a pro at hiding it. But if you look close enough at my picked nails and chapped lips you can see just a few of the physical ways anxiety has taken on my body. 

In February 2016 I founded The Honest Consumer, a website which shares the stories of social enterprises, spreads the word about ethically made goods, and empowers consumers. After collaborating with a few mental health social enterprises, I was moved to speak out. 

When I spoke out about my struggle the response was incredible. People reached out to me from a variety of communities commending my strength to write about my struggle. Friends that I had known for YEARS shared that they had been suffering from mental illness too. This not only made me feel like a bad friend for not knowing, but urged me to make a point to start the conversation. Classmates that I saw EVERYDAY were experiencing similar struggles, but because of the stigma we never talked about it and were unaware of each other's mental state.

So I'm going to start the conversation with Anxiously Awake. In all honesty, I'm a bit scared to be so open. I know that some people don't believe in or struggle to understand mental illness, but I hope by reading this blog they can begin to learn how to approach the conversation. I want this to be a safe community where everyone can start the conversation and express their feelings. All I ask is that we respect each other. 

Why Anxiously Awake? For me, my anxiety hits hard at night. It's the worst when I'm laying there trying to go to sleep. It wakes me up at odd hours. So I'll be writing whenever I'm anxiously awake. 

Thank you for following & supporting Anxiously Awake via The Honest Consumer. YOU are awesome. YOU matter. And YOU've got this! 

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