Adventures Abroad: Relaxing in Venice

Venice was my favorite place we've been so far! The beautifully colored buildings and the canal make this a relaxing spot to vacation. We stayed slightly outside the main part of the city in the Santa Croce district at Hotel Dalla Mora. This was a great place to stay! It was super close to the train station when we arrived! The hotel was right on the water and there were lovely restaurants around it. When we ventured toward the Grand Canal and the main part of the city, it really made me appreciate where we were staying. The area our hotel was in felt less touristy and was not nearly as crowded which was nice. 

A Few Restaurants We Enjoyed in Venice

La Lanterna Da Gas had a great ambiance. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. We ordered seafood and pasta which were both excellent. The staff was kind and welcoming to us too! Would definitely recommend! 

Pizza al Volo was the perfect place to grab a pizza and sit in the square to people watch. This hole in the wall is a tiny to-go pizza place that makes the pizza right in front of you! Jake swore it was the "best pizza he's ever had" he's still comparing other pizza around Italy to Pizza al Volo and so far Pizza al Volo is still his favorite. He loved it so much we went twice in one day, haha! The prices are great and affordable which is a plus too! This pizza restaurant does not have a website, but is able to be found on TripAdvisor and Yelp, I believe. 

Osteria ae Cravate had a welcoming staff and was right next to our hotel! We had wonderful pasta here and would definitely recommend. This restaurant also does not have a website, but can be found on TripAdvisor and Yelp!

Why We Loved Venice

I appreciated that there weren't too many "must see" sights in this city. This allowed us to feel a bit more relaxed. We didn't feel like we HAD to rush out and see everything in our short couple of days there. After all it is a small city. We enjoyed great food, live music from talented locals, and fabulous gelato. I loved just walking around! We could walk for hours and just enjoy the scenery. We walked to Saint Mark Square and stumbled upon Santa Maria della Salute which was a gorgeous church. After stopping to tour the church we continued to Saint Mark Square. Once we reached Saint Mark Square we had tea at Caffè Florian, the oldest cafe in the square. We were able to enjoy the music and people watch. Then we headed back to the part of town we were staying, Santa Croce . I loved that there were no cars, so we could just wander the streets. Fresh food and local vendors are everywhere. I appreciated their local art scene as well. I noticed lots of little galleries which I thought was cool. Venice is a very romantic city with the water and the creative culture. 

Oh ya and if you didn't already see the news, we got engaged! So maybe I'm a bit bias as to Venice being my favorite place in Europe so far! The engagement story and more info on my ethical engagement ring will be coming soon! Stay posted and keep following along! :) 

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