Adventures Abroad: London in Four Days

After a long 24 hour day of traveling with multiple delays, we finally arrived in London. We navigated the public transit and arrived at Qbic Hotel, right outside of the city. Qbic was a great place to stay with a wonderful emphasis on sustainability. While slightly outside the main part of the city, the location is a two minute walk to public transportation. There are plenty of awesome cafes and restaurants around the area as well. Read more about our stay here. 

Day 1: London Eye, Westminster Abbey, & Bus Tour

After enjoying a full english breakfast at our hotel, we got an early start to the day with our fast track tickets to the London Eye. From here we got a prime view of the city. A bit foggy, but still beautiful! The London Eye was an air-conditioned way to enjoy the city view. From there we walked to Westminster Abbey. Once again we bought our tickets online and were able to skip the line (highly recommend buying all your tickets online to make the most of your time). Upon entering we were stunned by the intricate detail of the church and the stunning views. It was as if you could feel the higher power in the room. Absolutely gorgeous! After our tour we stumbled upon an Italian restaurant and had some fresh pasta for lunch! Then we joined a hop-on hop-off bus tour. Cheesy, yes, but this was a great way to see a lot and learn our way around the city. The guide on the bus was very informative and we learned a lot. 

Day 2: Tower of London, Afternoon Tea, & The National Gallery

We started the day with pastries at a local cafe and then ventured to the Tower of London. Here we explored the narrow passage ways of the castle and saw the crown jewels. To read my honest feelings on this experience click here.  After grabbing a quick bite to eat at a near by restaurant we headed to The Wallace for afternoon tea. 10/10 recommend The Wallace for afternoon tea. The eclectic art gallery has a gorgeous restaurant. I had berry tea and Jake had rose tea, both fabulous choices. The sandwiches and pastries were excellent as well. We were trying to find an affordable place for afternoon tea because we found that a lot of afternoon tea in London can be a bit pricey. The Wallace provided us with a fabulous afternoon tea experience for about $20 ea. After this we headed to The National Gallery, currently they have a fabulous Monet exhibit which we viewed. The stunning works were absolutely gorgeous with incredible detail. Then we headed over to their main exhibits. Thankfully, we went on a Friday night The National Gallery had late hours so we were able to explore the works of art during the night. 

Day 3: St. Paul's Cathedral, Tate Modern, & Borough Market

We began the day at St. Paul's Cathedral, an absolutely stunning experience. The detail in this building is incredible. The artwork on the walls and ceilings is something you must experience. We climbed the couple hundred stairs to get the view. Although I was out of breath, the view was gorgeous. We were there during a short service so we were able to hear the organ and get a glimpse of what a service would be like. Then we ventured to the Tate Modern, definitely one of my favorite museums. I loved the variety of artwork here showcasing many different mediums. After the Tate Modern we headed toward Borough Market, one of the oldest markets dating back to the 12th century. Here we wandered the streets, exploring different vendors. We picked up some fresh strawberries for one pound and enjoyed them with coffee. On our journey we also saw Shakespeare's Globe Theater, however, in my opinion there wasn't much to see. It was gated off and we were told tours were only given in the morning. So we took a picture over the gates and moved on. Exhausted, we headed back towards our hotel.

Day 4: Piccadilly Circus & Windsor Castle

Piccadilly Circus was a bit overwhelming for me. Lots of lights & shops. I wasn't sure where to start! We started in a basic souvenir shop and purchased gifts for our friends and family. This is the place to go for interesting people watching and a variety of shopping. Then we hopped on a half day tour we booked for Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle was pretty, however, it seemed like most of the grounds available for tourists to view are outside. The State Apartments were incredible, but seemed like there was more available outside the castle than inside the castle. My personal preference is to see the inside, so this was a bit disappointing for me. But we did have ice cream at the ice cream shop on the grounds which is made with dairy from the Royal Farm. It was perfect for the hot day.

Overall I felt like four days in London was a good amount of time! If we had more time, I would've loved to venture more outside of the city, but that just gives us an excuse to come back.

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