Eateries in Paris

One of the things I was most anxious about when traveling to Paris was communication. Jake and I don't speak any French and we heard the stereotypical rumor that French people aren't very welcoming towards Americans. We had good experiences for the most part! Here are a few restaurants that I felt went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and were happy to speak to us in english. If you're planning to travel and are concerned about communicating in restaurants I would definitely recommend trying these places. Hopefully you have a positive experience like we did! 

Fringe-Coffee, Food, & Photography in Paris: Incredibly Welcoming to Travelers

This was one of our favorite spots! We stopped at Fringe on our last morning while waiting for our flight. Fringe is perfect for coffee and a light lunch/brunch. We had the BEST toast ever. I can't even express how incredible this toast was. I'm trying to remember what all was on it! One piece had fresh strawberries, asparagus, some greens, and a cheese spread. The second piece had fresh avocado, peaches, hazelnuts, and spinach. It was SO good and so fresh. The owner of this french cafe spoke fabulous english and was very helpful when it came to translating the menu! 10/10 would recommend! 

Cafe de Musees: Amazing Beef Bourguignon & Welcoming to Americans

Our meal at Cafe de Musees was my favorite dinner in Paris! The Beef Bourguignon was incredible! The meat was so tender and the sauce was so yummy....I probably could've had a second dinner of this dish, haha! The manager and our waitress were very kind and both spoke english. They had an english menu which was helpful!  At one point, they asked us to switch tables so they were able to accommodate a larger group. We didn't mind moving at all. After we moved tables, they were generous enough to give us a free carafe of wine! Woohoo! :) 10/10 recommend! 

restaurants in paris that speak english

Au Pain Saint Gilles: Lovely Bakery & Kind Staff

We stopped at Au Pain Saint Gilles to grab some pastries before our Eiffel Tower adventure. The lady behind the counter was incredibly sweet. She did not speak much english, but she knew a bit and we were able to understand. She was very helpful and welcoming! The croissants and pan de chocolat were very good and a great way to start our day!  

Firenze: Good Food Near the Eiffel Tower

After our climb of the Eiffel Tower, we were starving! We stopped at the first restaurant we saw, Firenze! It turned out to be great! We both had pasta which we enjoyed. Our waitress spoke english and there was an english menu which was helpful. The restaurant was quite busy, but we still had excellent service. 

La Vache Acrobate: Reliable Food in Le Marais

La Vache Acrobate was right next to the apartment we were staying so, we we ate here twice. The first night we had excellent service! Our waitress was incredibly welcoming and made sure we were comfortable. The english menu was a plus as well! Jake ordered a shrimp dish which was excellent and I ordered a steak dish which was decent! We went back a second time and were still pleased, but the service wasn't as welcoming! But definitely a solid place to try!

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