3 Tech Tools for Easy Ethical Shopping

ethical fashion apps for iPhone

Shopping ethically can be incredibly overwhelming and intimidating. Sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start and how to integrate ethical shopping into our fast paced life style. Chances are you're not going to transform your entire wardrobe into ethical fashion overnight. It's a process of being more conscious and reflecting before you buy. Let me tell you, it takes time, patience, and practice.

Thankfully there are a few easy tech tools you can download on your phone to help get the process going. These tools make it super easy, whether you're in the mall or shopping online, to learn a bit more about where and how the clothes were made, along with the ethics behind the brand. 

1) Good On You App 

The Good On You App is a great tool to carry in your pocket with you when you're out and about shopping. Consumers can easily search name brands to learn how the brand performs in the categories: labor, environment, and animal. The labor rating considers how workers are treated throughout the supply chain by taking into consideration livable wages, working environments, and more. Planet impact is rated based on the use of energy, carbon emissions, chemical disposal, and impact on waterways. The animal rating takes into consideration the use of materials from animals such as exotic animal skin.

My favorite aspect of Good On You is that this innovative app recommends ethical brands for you. If you type in a brand that doesn't rank too well, then Good On You suggests other brands that are around your same price point that have better rankings. Good On You also has occasional promotional offers that give discounts for ethical brands to app users!

2) DoneGood Chrome Extension

The DoneGood Chrome Extension is great for online shopping! This extension allows you to shop normally with companies such as Amazon or Google, but if a DoneGood certified brand has the product you are looking for, the extension let's the consumer know. DoneGood categorizes brands based on different traits such as gives back, vegan, woman/minority owned, recycled, organic, and more. DoneGood has a bunch of wonderful promotional offers, encouraging consumers to shop socially responsible while receiving exclusive discounts.

My favorite aspect of DoneGood is how easy it is to use. It integrates so well into any consumer's normal shopping habits, while encouraging consumers to make more educated decisions. 

social impact shopping

If you're looking for some deeper reading to learn about ethical shopping, be sure to check out Fashion Revolution's Transparency Index. This evaluates the 150 biggest fashion brands by discussing supply chain practices along with social and environmental impact. With the stats the Transparency Index provides consumers are sure to be directed towards the brands making more impactful decisions. 

My favorite aspect of the Transparency Index is how in-depth and educational this piece is. The Transparency Index explains the importance of being socially responsible and transparent while diving deep into the practices companies are currently using.

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