3 Summer Shade Brands That Give Back

Stay styling this summer with the perfect pair of shades that gives back! Here are three brands that sell high quality sunglasses while making a positive impact! 

Warby Parker: Buy One, Give One

Warby Parker sunglasses are stylish and personable. With glasses starting at $95 this is a great option to add some flare to your summer style. Warby Parker is a great option for those who need prescription sunglasses (including myself, haha) with a variety of styles and colors. Warby Parker sunglasses can be found in their stores across America or online. Through their incredible FREE Home Try-On Program, customers can find their perfect pair of summer shades in the comfort of their own home. 

How Warby Parker Gives Back

According to Warby Parker, 2.5 billion people around the world need glasses but don’t have access to them; of these, 624 million cannot effectively learn or work due to the severity of their visual impairment. Through Warby Parker's partnership with VisionSpring, for each pair of glasses sold, a pair is donated to someone in need. VisionSpring is a non-profit that trains low-income men and women to effectively provide eye exams and sell glasses at an affordable price. Warby Parker and VisionSpring want to empower individuals, giving them the tools necessary for success rather than strictly donating glasses. I was incredibly impressed when I went into the Warby Parker store. The customer service was wonderful and they were able to provide me with specific details about their current give back initiatives. 

Dynamikos: Giving Back through Eye Exams & Environmental Conservation

PC: Our House Photography

PC: Our House Photography

Dynamikos creates unique style through their bold design and high quality product. Dynamikos has a variety of frames including premium acetate, metal, and a combination of both. Each pair of Dynamikos acetate frames are non-allergenic, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, & 100% petroleum free. The shades have a CR39 lenses which have a scratch resistant coating and are resistant to gamma radiation, material fatigue, aging and most chemicals. These high end glasses rang from around $185-$300.

Personally, I am SO in love with my Cleopatra Clear Champagne Sunglasses from Dynamikos. These sunglasses are incredibly well-made and durable. I think the oversized look is fun & dramatic, along with being the perfect accessory for any outfit.

How Dynamikos Gives Back

Dynamikos sets aside 20% of net profits to donate to their nonprofit partners. Dynamikos partners with Helen Keller International to provide eye screenings & eyewear for children in need in the Los Angeles area. Dynamikos' founder Dayna participates in this give back initiative hands on by going to the screenings at the schools. Dayna and the team will go to a school to do eye screenings one day and come back another day to fit the children in need for eyewear. On top of this initiative, Dynamikos also donates a portion of their proceeds to nonprofits focused on environmental conservation such as the Wild Life Conservation Network & SeaLegacy. 

Toms Eyewear: Restoring Vision to Developing Communities 

Gavin Mattee 

Gavin Mattee 

Toms Eyewear offers quite the selection of summer shades. Toms offers bold styles and conservatively designed shades as well. Eyewear ranges from around $68-$130. With the large selection of sunglasses, Toms offers resources to help customers discover the perfect fit with Find Your Face Shape, Similar Styles, & more. 

How Toms Eyewear Gives Back

By purchasing Toms Eyewear, customers help Toms provide full eye examinations to people in need. After an examination by a trained professional, the individual is given the treatment needed such as prescription glasses, sight saving surgery, or medical treatment. Toms has helped restore vision to 500,000 people in need in 13 countries.