A One Stop Shop for Worldly Ethical Goods: The Etho

The Etho (formerly known as Faire.Shop) is a unique one-stop shop of ethical goods, partnering with artisans from around the world and connecting consumers to a variety of ethically crafted goods. This marketplace is on a mission to change the way consumers purchase online by encouraging customers to think about the impact of their purchases, through focusing on ethical trade, sustainability, & storytelling. 

After graduating from college, ambitious entrepreneur, Sydney took a trip around the world. Through this experience she witnessed extreme poverty in multiple places. Specifically, India pulled on her heartstrings. She was disturbed by the poverty, but impressed by the beautifully crafted goods. After arriving back in the states, Sydney knew she wanted to start something and take action, but wasn't exactly sure the best approach. She carried on, went to grad school, and waited for the right idea. Sydney began looking into marketplaces after being inspired by the Etsy business model. She loved the idea of connecting talented makers with consumers eager to find new goods. This led Sydney to start Faire.Shop (now The Etho), an online marketplace connecting makers around the world to consumers.

While "Faire" does seem to have correlation to fair trade, this is actually a common French word that means "to make or to do." The online marketplace is a reminder to consumers that there is a person behind every product. In less than a year of being in business, Faire.Shop has been able to work with around 30 different artisans and showcase 650 different products through their platform. Faire.Shop's products include home goods, greeting cards, apparel, beauty products, jewelry, and more.

Faire.Shop creates further impact by dedicating 20% of revenues to furthering entrepreneurial growth in developing communities. Currently these funds are going towards assisting the artisans photograph their products to showcase in the marketplace. However, future plans for these funds include a micro loan program, encouraging others who might not have the resources to start a business, to borrow the funds and get their business running. 

I had a fun time picking out a few goodies from Faire.Shop! Their large variety of products made it a tough choice! I ended up getting the Rose Clay Mask, the Denim Sleeveless Buttoned Top, & NO. 4 Blood Orange + Bergamot Candle. I was able to purchase ethically crafted products for multiple occasions in one spot which was nice & convenient. With my Faire.Shop Rose Clay Mask & Blood Orange + Bergamot Candle I had a little spa night! The mask left my face feeling refreshed while the candle helped me get in a relaxed state. The fruity smelling candle is made with coconut wax which adds an extra sweet scent, that I loved. 

My Denim Sleeveless Buttoned Top is perfect for this crazy Texas heat that is upon us. This piece is ethically made with Organic Khadi Cotton which keeps me cool & comfy. I love the simplicity of this garment because it can be cute paired with some white jeans or easily accessorized. My Faire.Shop experience was wonderful! The range of prices and products made shopping so much fun. And knowing that all the goods were ethically made allowed me to feel confident in my shopping. I encourage you to check out their large variety of ethically crafted products!

Thank you Faire.Shop for sponsoring this post!