The Documentary You NEED To Watch

The True Cost is one of my all time favorite documentaries. I've watched it about seven times and every time I learn something new. With another Fashion Revolution Week in the books, I just wanted to encourage everyone to educate themselves. A few weeks ago was the 5th anniversary of Rana Plaza. Basically, Rana Plaza was a garment factory that collapsed in 2013 killing over 1,000 workers in the Bangladesh factory. This factory made clothes for many popular fast fashion brands sold in the United States. And get this.... despite the tragedy, according to The True Cost, that was the fast fashion industry's most profitable year.

The True Cost is an informative documentary that highlights the consequences third world countries are facing from the fast fashion movement taking place in first world countries. Rana Plaza is explained and highlighted, as well as multiple other instances in which corrupt garment factories were influenced by insane demands to meet quantity and price due to pressure from leading brands in first world countries. The film focuses on environmental aspects, wages, and treatment of workers in this industry and empowers consumers to take a stand through their purchases. 

A few shocking facts from The True Cost that just might peak your interest....

  • American discards 82 pounds of textile waste a year, only about 10% of what's donated gets sold in thrift stores. 
  • In the mid-1960s, 95 percent of America’s clothes were made domestically, whereas, today, 97 percent are made abroad.
  • Fashion—a $2.5 trillion sector—is the second most polluting industry on Earth, right behind oil.

So where can you watch this informative work of art? Amazon, Netflix, it's pretty easy to find! Hoping on the ethical fashion train can be challenging, but I think The True Cost is a great place to start and become an informed consumer.