Keep Fighting The Good Fight: Fashion Revolution Week

Another Fashion Revolution Week has come and gone, but just because the week long celebration is over, doesn't mean the fight against fast fashion is. Here are a few things you can do to continue raising awareness of fast fashion.

Keep Asking Questions

Continue to ask brands who made their clothes! Send them an e-mail, ask them through social media, mail them a letter, the possibilities are endless! Try to shop brands that are transparent about their factories, wages, and materials. If you need help finding responsible brands check out our ethical fashion directory, here. 

Value The Clothes You Have 

Say no to impulse buys and instead spruce up the clothes in your closet. Sew on some new embroidered patches, add a pocket, or throw on a different necklace. Let's be honest people don't REALLY care if you wear the same outfit twice in a week....and if they do hang out with other people.

Continue Educating Yourself (and others)

There are SO many fabulous resources on the fashion industry! You can find a few books & documentaries I recommend here. Follow ethical fashion blogs, subscribe to magazines, download apps (Good On You is a good one), and see if their are ethical fashion groups in your community. If not, start one! It's a great way to make friends who have similar values...or educate your current friends!