5 Social Enterprises Empowering Women

This International Women's Day choose to empower women around the world by supporting these five social enterprises working to provide opportunities for women.  

PC: Thistle Farms

PC: Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms works to heal, empower, and employ woman survivors of human-trafficking, addiction, and prostitution through their supportive community, partnerships, and programs. Located in Nashville TN, Thistle Farms employs survivors through their bath, body, & home good products which are handmade by the survivors. Thistle Farms has been able to employ 59 survivors, earning over $1 million in salary & wages, through their social enterprise program. Consumers can support the good work of Thistle Farms by purchasing the products made by survivors. 

*Statistics provided courtesy of Thistle Farms website

Mother Erth

Mother Erth: Mother Erth creates durable, zero waste bags made from recycled materials. Along with making a positive impact on the planet, these innovative bags also provide employment for low income mothers in the Philippines. Mother Erth pays the women fair wages for their work while allowing the women to work from home, as most of the mothers live in rural areas. Mother Erth is encouraging these women to life themselves out of poverty and allowing them the opportunity to provide for their families. 




ABLE is an ethical fashion brands dedicated to providing jobs with dignity to women around the world. ABLE works with women in Ethiopia, Peru, and Mexico to create their goods. ABLE pays fair wages and healthy environments for their employees to lift themselves out of poverty. ABLE products are incredibly high quality and include leather goods, denim, jewelry, footwear, and more. 

The Tote Project

The Tote Project sells inspirational bags handmade by survivors of human trafficking in India through their partnership with Freeset Global. Freeset is a World Fairtrade certified organization that provides employment and second chances to these women, allowing them to “hold on to hope.” Each bag comes with a Human Trafficking Awareness Card which lists signs of modern day slavery and provides resources for further action.  From The Tote Project's proceeds, 20% go to the nonprofit, Two Wings which mentors at risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking. Two Wings helps these individuals identify their goals and dreams, creating a plan of action after they are rescued.

PC: The Tote Project

PC: The Tote Project



Darzah is an ethical fashion brand working to create job opportunities for refugee and low income women artisans in Palestine. Darzah works to cherish the tatreez embroidery and Palestine heritage through their product designs. Each purchase of Darzah goods goes towards supporting training and employment programs on the West Bank.