Slow Fashion That Empowers: The Fabric Social

While working and living in India, The Fabric Social co-founders, Fiona and Sharna were inspired by the beautiful fabrics they encountered. As they learned more about the labor intensive process to make the stunning fabrics, they wanted to support the dedicated women in this trade. The two entrepreneurs launched The Fabric Social which builds collaborative partnerships in India & Myanmar turning unique fabrics into ethically made, fashionable garments.

By partnering and providing business for existing women run co-ops, The Fabric Social is able to help these groups expand, offering safe working conditions and fair payment to more women in these communities. The women are able to set their own hours, the amount of fabric they want to produce, and prices for the fabric. Through the co-op women are able to work in a community space and share group benefits.

The Fabric Social focuses on three main types of fabrics including Eri-silk, Khadi cotton, & cotton.

Eri-Silk- The Fabric Social has partnered with eri producer group Srishti Handlooms based out of rural Assam that works primarily with women. The women in this field work incredibly hard to grow castor trees for the silkworms, raise the worms, care for the worms through metamorphosis, and eventually spin the silk into yarn. These suppliers keep the process chemical and pesticide free, creating an organic (albeit uncertified) finished product.

Khadi Cotton- Cotton is hand picked all around India and spun into yarn by the same group of women in Assam.

Cotton-The Fabric Social has cotton sourced from India and then hand-woven & colored by MBoutik, social enterprise empowering women in Myanmar.

After the labor intensive fabric process is complete, fabrics are sent to World Fair Trade Organisation certified dye and tailoring house, Sasha, in Kolkata who ethically craft the garments. Along with using sustainable fabrics, The Fabric Social uses low waste patterns & non-toxic dyes to further their conscious initiatives.  

The Fabric Social garments are modern, minimalistic & trendy. With their wide range of items including dresses, jackets, rompers, and more their items are the perfect style for a capsule wardrobe. These high quality garments create a statement with their unique fabric and are perfect in a casual setting or can easily be dressed up for a more formal occasion. I highly recommend investing in some apparel from The Fabric Social. Their clothes are crafted to last & YOU can feel confident wearing The Fabric Social apparel due to their incredible transparency.

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