Flip-Flops Spreading Positivity

Flip-flops That Give Back

Looking for that perfect pair of flip-flops for summer? Look no further! Moeloco flip-flops spread positive messages through fun footprints left by the bottom of the shoes. These flip-flops also give back through Moeloco's one for one partnership with The Hope Foundation. For every pair of flip-flops sold, Moeloco donates a pair of sneakers to children in India, giving more children the opportunity to walk to school.

My Moeloco "Be Happy" flip-flops are a fun add on to my warm weather wardrobe. They were the perfect pair of shoes for my week at the beach. Moeloco flip-flops have positive messages engraved on the bottom of the shoes. When customers walk in the sand with their shoes, an inspirational message is left behind. Hopefully the "Be Happy" message I left in the sand made others smile. The bright colors on my shoes make them perfect for spring and summer...and easy to spot at the beach! I appreciate that Moeloco flip-flops have good support. These are thicker and sturdier than the traditional pair of flip-flops you might pick up at the store which makes them easy to wear for long periods of time! Along with the good support, these flip-flops fit my feet perfectly. 

Moeloco flip-flops have a variety of colors & inspirational sayings such as "Be Free, Dream Crazy, Live Love," and more. I encourage you to find a saying that describes you and order a pair of flip-flops for your summer vacation!