Why I'm a Bad Blogger

Yes, by traditional blogging standards I'm not the best....but at least I'm honest about it.


I'm probably the most inconsistent blogger that you follow, but hey I can't help it. That's life for me. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, so I don't schedule my posts too far out. I write when inspiration strikes. Some days I'll post twice and some weeks you'll wonder if I'm alive because I don't post anything. If you talk to any professional bloggers they'll tell you consistency is key. It's true consistency is very important in keeping a community engaged, but my life is just not that organized and probably never will be. My mind doesn't work like that. I think thats one of the aspects that makes my blog real. Even if I don't post everyday, multiple times a day, I'll tell you if I've been gone because I'm struggling or if I'm working on a new project. I think it makes the content more authentic, if I post when I'm inspired by something rather than just posting to post. 

Camera Ready?

Um I'm basically never camera ready. I'm incredibly awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera (& in life). Thankfully I have some incredible, creative friends who make it bearable....they make me laugh and attempt to capture my semi-normal moments. (Pro Tip: Make creative friends. It makes life more interesting and they make you look good. Shoutout to Jake, Malayna, Sarah, & Kendal for keeping life real & being my occasional photographers.)

I rarely put on make-up. Lets be honest...I'm too lazy to fix my face up everyday. It's a lot of work and kudos to people who do it every morning because it's an art. I wear make-up on special occasions, but for me I've found it really freeing to embrace natural beauty and go with the flow. I have days with bags under my eyes and that's okay. Everyone does and it's alright if the camera captures it....go back through my feed I'm sure you can find some imperfections and that's cool. I'm not trying to show you my perfect life because guess what? I don't have the perfect life and truthfully nobody does. So I let the camera capture imperfections 

Life in Color

Okay, okay let's state the obvious. My Instagram feed is not a gorgeous work of art that is all color coordinated. Sorry not sorry. Truth is my life is not, and will never be, that organized. My life is messy in a beautiful sort of way and that is what I want to display on my feed. I think that's one of the things that makes my blog relatable for some people. And if you are one of the people with a color coordinated Instagram feed, kudos to you....I admire that your life is so put together.