My New Start Up: The Honest Connection

New Start-Up

A lot of people have been asking me what I've been doing since I've graduated....while it does include a hodge lodge of freelance gigs and the blog, I've also been working on a new project that I've been keeping on the down low. For the past few months I've been creating The Honest Connection, an online social impact wholesale catalog for retailers. What does this mean? Basically I'll be consulting boutiques & retailers for FREE to help them find socially responsible and ethical brands that will fit well in their stores.

I am then acting as a sales rep for a lot of socially responsible brands I have met through The Honest Consumer. It's an exciting time my friends! I will be advocating to get more social impact goods in stores, readily available for consumers. While I adore shopping online there is something so fun about shopping in stores too! If we can get more social impact goods in stores this will create a wider impact, allowing more people to learn about the difference their purchases can make!  

All that to say, I'm finally at a point where I feel comfortable sharing The Honest Connection with the public! Woohoo! It's still in major beta mode and needs a bit of tweaking, but I've made a few sales. Special shout out to House Of for being the first retailer to work with me. If you know of any retailers who would be interested in my free services or any social impact brands looking for a wholesale rep, I would love help from our community! Conscious consumerism is a team effort and I'm one person, in one much as I need to be five people in all the places, I'm not, haha. So I'm calling on our community to help find boutiques nationwide that I could partner with to help them discover new socially conscious brands! Our community has the power make social impact goods available on a larger-scale and that is SUPER cool. Don't hesitate to tag your favorite local boutiques below!