Happy Birthday: Two Years Old

Two years ago TODAY I was sitting in my dorm room at Belmont University when I made a pixelated logo in Powerpoint and typed up out the words The Honest Consumer. I had no idea what was ahead of me. Who knew The Honest Consumer would turn into a community of lovely souls passionate about changing the world. We have a community of over 6,000 people which is more than I could have EVER hoped for...and we're not done growing yet! It has been such a blessing and The Honest Consumer wouldn't be possible without YOU! 

In all honesty I have learned so much about myself through The Honest Consumer. This has been an incredibly positive outlet for me to channel my creativity into. Through out most of school I didn't really know what I wanted to do other than I wanted to get OUT of school. I felt like a lot of school is teaching students to think inside the box. My mind is just about as far outside of the box as you can get, which left me feeling trapped. However, through The Honest Consumer I found a place to use my unique skillset, combined with my upper level entrepreneurship classes I really started to feel like I was finding my way. And now here I am...The Honest Consumer is literally my life and part time job.

The Honest Consumer has encouraged me to push through my anxiety to talk on the phone more, meet new people, and go far beyond my comfort zone. I have made so many cool online friends who are not afraid to take risks and are changing the world. I've been blessed with some absolutely incredible mentors that have changed my life. I graduated college with a HUGE network from because of my efforts getting to know entrepreneurs for The Honest Consumer. All because of this incredible community that has pushed me to grow The Honest Consumer and been responsive and positive to my efforts. 

Looking back I didn't think too much about the name of my blog, but The Honest Consumer seems to be a God given title for this project, as this blog has allowed me to be honest with myself, with this community, and in the products I am choosing to purchase. While advocating for transparency in consumerism, this has made me be more transparent in my own life. I've been able to witness an increase in engagement when I share personal stories or screw ups because I'm being real and that is pretty cool. This community is wonderful, loving, and has embraced me for the awkward, anxious, unphotogenic blogger that I am. Happy Birthday to this baby of mine I call The Honest Consumer.  Thank you all for being part of this journey with me! If I could throw a birthday party and invite you all I would! :) Maybe one day soon!