A Day In The Start Up Life


Recently the common question for me has been one of two things....The first coming from well practiced adults and the second coming from those just beginning their journey adulting.

  1. What are you doing now that you've graduated?
  2. What do you do all day being "self-employed?" Sometimes it sounds like they think I'm living the dream, sipping wine mid-day, and fanning myself by a pool. Um I wish. I'm too broke to afford wine and too busy for fanning by the pool. 

What I do....is something different EVERYDAY. I mean everyday. I couldn't tell you what a day in the life is like because I don't have a set routine. My days are chaos...most days, relatively organized chaos. A day for me could involve a few calls, some meetings, writing, website updates, creating newsletters, editing posts, screaming at the computer, photoshoots with product, researching new companies, interviews, catching up on the e-mails I'm constantly a month behind on, attempting to understand algorithm changes, or all of the above. All done with massive amounts of coffee while trying to keep my sanity. 


The funniest part is I can have an "all of the above day" and make zero dollars. Yep, I can do all that and still make no money. Entrepreneurship can be draining, exhausting, and incredibly overwhelming. It's a lot. Not having a steady income can be scary. It's not for the faint of heart...you should see my tiny apartment that I can barely afford. But truth is I wouldn't want it any other way. I'd rather be broke and chasing my dreams. I wasn't made to sit at a desk job. I was made to go out, create, build relationships, and further social impact. So THAT is what I'm doing. 

However to answer your questions...

  1. What am I doing now that I've graduated? I have no clue. Entrepreneuring?
  2. What do I do all day? Bust my ass and say a prayer that the bills are gonna get paid this month...also classified as entrepreneuring.