A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

Lived in Nashville, TN the past four years. Originally from and currently living in Dallas, TX. Soon moving to Seattle, WA.

How do you find new brands? 

It's super cool because when I first started out I was just writing about products I had purchased that have a social impact, but now some companies find me! It's an absolute honor when I get an e-mail from a company asking to share their story. I absolutely adore being able to use this community to share stories of social good. I'm also always searching through social media to find new companies & always listening to input! If you have a company you want to see feature please don't hesitate to DM or e-mail me. 

How do you ensure the brands you feature are ethical?

If I could personally go and visit each and every brand I would LOVE to. That's the dream. At this point in time my finances don't allow me to do that. However, I schedule a phone interview with pretty much every company I feature, typically with a founder. This allows me to ask the tough questions and ensure that their mission is genuine. Plus it is a fabulous opportunity for me to chat with innovative minds changing the world and make new friends! I LOVE it! If you're ever bored 10/10 recommend calling up a change maker, they've got some crazy good ideas and are incredible people. 

Do you make money off your blog?

Sometimes. I make a bit of money, but currently the blog isn't my main source of income. I have some freelance side gigs to pay the bills. I would absolutely love for The Honest Consumer to be my full time gig, but at this point in time unfortunately it's not. A lot of bloggers make it look so easy to turn your blog into a paying job....it's actually so hard! It take a lot of time and dedication, plus being a conscious blog I have to take caution with the brands I promote. 

How do you make money from you blog?

As the HONEST consumer, I believe in being transparent even with my own revenue. Some of the posts on the website are sponsored. However, I do not post about products that I do not believe in. I speak with a member from each company to ensure the honesty of their mission.

Similarly, some of the links are affiliate links meaning if you make a purchase from a company I receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. I spend an abundance of time researching, interviewing, writing, and photographing goods to promote these wonderful companies. If there is one thing my entrepreneurship classes taught me, it's remember to pay yourself for the time you invest in your company....Unfortunately I haven't been able to pay myself a "fair" wage for the amount of time yet, but I'm hoping I am able to in the near future! 

How did you manage to keep up the blog during college?

I founded The Honest Consumer during my sophomore year of college after being inspired by my studies in social entrepreneurship. It was honestly really hard to manage the blog as a student. When running a blog, consistency is incredibly important and as a student I had other responsibilities. However, as our community started to grow....I began prioritizing the blog a bit over school, haha! Let's just say I enjoyed writing for THC more than doing my homework. I felt like I was learning just as much, if not more from interviewing social entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Hands on learning outside of the classroom is more my style and The Honest Consumer gave me an avenue to pursue that. It led to a lot of late nights and procrastinating the school work...but hey I made it!