Fair Trade Fashion Show

Founded in 2015, The Fair Trade Fashion Show is a nonprofit striving to educate consumers, shine a light on ethical fashion, and raise awareness of certain social issues. Fair Trade Fashion Shows are hosted in the Los Angeles area featuring a variety of fair trade brands, while raising money for anti-trafficking organizations.

Fair Trade Fashion Show founder, Sica is also the brains and beauty behind the ethical boutique, Bead & Reel. Sica's background consisted of studying fashion, interning for New York Fashion Week, and working in costume design. Sica wanted to leverage her skills, connections, and love of ethical fashion to expand the consumer's knowledge of fair trade by showcasing the apparel on the runway. 

The typical Fair Trade Fashion show consists of guest checking in, receiving a swag bag, and socializing. Guest can partake in local food and fair trade drinks while browsing the fair trade marketplace, allowing consumers and industry professionals to discover new socially responsible brands. The fashion show is prefaced with a panel of fashion activists who lead a discussion on the ethics of fashion. The fashion show typically showcases 27 brands, totaling around 40 different looks. The last Fair Trade Fashion Show sold out at 125 tickets and raised $31,000 to fight human trafficking. The attendance of the fashion show consists of a variety of experienced conscious consumers, those who are just beginning their journey, and fashion industry professionals. 

PC: Malayna Ellis

PC: Malayna Ellis

Since the Fair Trade Fashion Show is a nonprofit awarding grants to anti-trafficking organizations, fundraising is a key part of the process. The Fashion Activist Tee is part of the fundraising campaign and a way for consumers to join the fair fashion movement. This comfortable tee makes a bold statement and is a fabulous conversation starter. The Fashion Activist Tees are made out of 100% organic cotton and made in Los Angeles. The loose fit and the organic cotton make this soft tee perfect for wearing on an active day. I am in love with my Fashion Activist Tee! I want to share the story behind it with everyone on the street and encourage them to support this wonderful cause.

To me, being a fashion activist means acknowledging that people matter. As fashion activists, I feel it is our job to encourage consumers to realize that the people behind the creation of a garment have just as much value as the person wearing it. It is up to us to demand transparency, humanizing the apparel industry through ethical practices. Fashion is an expression of who we are and I want to encourage consumers to express how much they care by purchasing goods that stand for love and kindness.

The Fair Trade Fashion Show has an incredible amount of resources on their website. A great place to start if you're interested in learning more about fair trade or the severity of human trafficking. The directory is a great way to connect with ethical businesses embracing conscious consumerism. I encourage you to check out their resources, consider attending a fashion show, and support the mission by purchasing a Fashion Activist tee.