The Zero Waste Bag: Mother Erth

Mini Clutch by Mother Erth,  PC: Malayna Ellis

Mini Clutch by Mother Erth, PC: Malayna Ellis

Mother Erth creates durable, zero waste bags made from recycled materials. Along with making a positive impact on the planet, these innovative bags also provide employment for low income mothers in the Philippines. 

The four founders of Mother Erth were inspired by observations from their travels. The two couples witnessed harm to the planet such as pollution and excessive litter, along with conditions of extreme poverty. In the impoverished communities they came across households where the mothers were the rock and sole providers for the family. The four change makers were inspired by the drive and ambition of the mothers.

Mother Erth launched in September 2017 with the intent to reduce waste and impact the lives of hardworking mothers in the Philippines. By empowering the mothers, Mother Erth has a positive effect on the entire family, allowing the mothers to provide and educate their children. So far, Mother Erth has been able to provide part time employment to twenty mothers.

Most of the women in the Philippines practice weaving with local materials such as coconuts or natural woven fibers. Mother Erth helps teach the women consistency in creating the same product multiple times and providing recycled materials from their partners. In South East Asia it is common for products such as drinks to be served in packs or sachets. Unfortunately these materials cannot be recycled. Thankfully, Mother Erth partners with local printing companies to acquire their excess materials as weaving materials for their bags. 

I absolutely love my Mini-Clutch from Mother Erth. It's easy to carry and the perfect size for carrying an iPhone 8 Plus, a few credit cards, and some cash. The tight weaving techniques make this bag incredibly strong. I can tell this bag is very durable and will last for a long time. I encourage you to check out Mother Erth and support their mission of empowering mothers and positively impacting the planet.