Affordable, Ethical Style: Sweet Lupine

affordable ethical fashion

Head back to school in style with affordable ethical fashion! Sweet Lupine is on a mission to empower consumers by providing people first apparel and accessories at reasonable prices. 

Before founding Sweet Lupine, Amanda was working in social services. She experienced the challenge of finding ethical apparel on a budget. After marrying a baseball player and relocating, Amanda decided to make a career change. She decided to take action by co-founding an online boutique with her mom. Amanda and her mom were able to explore connections in their own backyard of Los Angeles. The two began asking questions and discovered that if they could keep overhead costs down, this would keep their clothing affordable. In 2015, these motivated entrepreneurs launched their online boutique, Sweet Lupine.  Sweet Lupine works to create an online marketplace for people first clothing. I love that Sweet Lupine uses the term people first, meaning their products are sweatshop and child labor free! 

While Sweet Lupine has partnerships with a lot of apparel companies in America, they also have relationships with social enterprises abroad. For example, Sweet Lupine sells jewelry that provides sustainable employment to individuals in Haiti and India. One of my favorite features about this online boutique is that you can shop by cause, type of apparel or accessory, or where goods are made.

Sweet Lupine focuses on more than just the beauty of the garment. As a people first boutique, they also want to encourage their customers to embrace their beauty. Sweet Lupine showcases all kinds of beauty through the individuals modeling their clothes. On their website you will find some gorgeous ladies rocking freckles, birthmarks, and other features that make women uniquely beautiful. 

When I was chatting with Amanda she had some excellent advice for consumers. "Be sure and find the tag that tells you how to wash the garment. This will tell you where the product was made. Just because New York or Los Angeles is part of the designer name does not mean it was made in America. Remember the purchasing power you have. You are taking a stand every time you put your money somewhere."

affordable ethical fashion

Sweet Lupine products are high quality and I absolutely love that this is a family owned business. I am very passionate about Sweet Lupine's mission because finding ethical fashion on a college budget has been a struggle for me! I am SO in love with my Floral Tie Top. This top has a beautiful flow which makes it extra comfortable. The soft colors and floral pattern make it the perfect top to go with jeans or leggings. 10/10 would recommend this ethical garment for your closet!! Along with my top, my sparkling Blush Gem Necklace from Sweet Lupine is the perfect accessory for sprucing up a solid color garment or matching with a beautiful leather bag. If you're looking for people first fashion on a budget, I encourage you to check out Sweet Lupine. 

Thanks to Sweet Lupine for sponsoring this post & being part of The Honest Consumer community!