A Little Stressed, But Still Ethically Dressed

Mental Health Blog

This morning I woke up to an inbox full of e-mails...I didn't know where to start. Todays schedule...Three meetings, two calls, and an abundance of homework due for class tomorrow. Feeling overwhelmed has been a common theme for me recently. With graduation quickly approaching and trying to figure out how to make The Honest Consumer a part time job,  life has been crazy. I want to throw all my time and energy into The Honest Consumer so that I can make this work, but school is also hanging over my head.

While feeling overwhelmed, I took some time in between my meetings to reflect on my drive and motivation. Why is The Honest Consumer important to me? What inspires me to keep going? 

The answer: I love the people. I love this inspiring community of consumers that CARE. And I love that more consumers are starting to join the conscious consumerism movement. The growth I've noticed since I first started The Honest Consumer a year and a half ago is so inspiring and keeps me going on the rough days. I love connecting consumers with meaningful goods. I love working with small businesses. I love chatting with entrepreneurs coming up with innovative business models to address social issues. I love that transparency in business is becoming more popular. I love writing. I love social enterprise. I love ethical fashion. I love being able to learn about positive changes that are taking place and how these companies are impacting the lives of others. Moral of the story, I love what I am doing, even on the crazy days. 

As an entrepreneur it can be easy to get in over your head, but it is important to step back and remind yourself of your passion and what drives you during these stressful times. I am blessed with supportive people who believe in The Honest Consumer and this amazing community. Your comments, your messages, your excitement for this movement, make this such an exciting adventure for me. On the stressful days, I try to remind myself how blessed I am to work with incredible people and be part of an inspiring community. Thanks for believing in me one the days when I forget to believe in myself.