Organic, Ethical Denim: Monkee Genes

organic jeans ethically made

When it comes to ethical fashion, finding responsibly made jeans can be a challenge. With Fall approaching I have been working to try and find a trustworthy denim company.  I am very excited that Monkee Genes is taking action and providing consumers with fair, organic options in the denim market.

Founder, Phil was driven by frustration due to the lack of transparency and mistreatment of workers in the denim market. In 2006, Phil founded Monkee Genes in order to provide consumers with a denim market focused on trendy products that are ethically made with high quality materials. Monkee Genes are made with organic cotton which has a positive impact on both the ecosystem and supply chain. By using organic cotton this keeps local water streams near factories clear of harmful pesticides, prevents damage to local wildlife, and prevents cotton farmers from breathing in harsh chemicals used in non-organic cotton, leading to a positive increase in the health of the community.

Monkee Genes has factories in Indonesia, India, and Turkey, which Phil visits at least twice a year to grow trusted relationships between his brand and the factory workers. During Phil's travels he has been able to connect with factory owners and witness the growth of the communities through newly built schools, fair wages, and an increase in new opportunities. Phil values the garment industry workers and emphasis the importance of transparency. 

"Fortunately the factories and manufacturing partners for Monkee Genes are brilliant and inspiring places. I work with the team for a couple of days; anything from designing to checking out the laundries they have on site. It’s important that I work with the people that are making our clothes. I like knowing how my designs go from the design table to the customers front door. The people are inspiring, and they love their work. Many work for their families, other work for a better life. Some tell stories about previous workplaces and hardships they’ve been through before finding a way out. It makes you wonder who supports the sweat shops. It really brings home what we’re doing by supporting this factory, supporting the people that work there as well as their families. Paying them a decent living wage is the least we can do for the wonderful clothing they create." -Phil, founder of Monkee Genes
organic jeans ethically made

Reflecting on his factory visits and life in more developed nations, Phil stated, "We take it for granted, in fact we complain about going to work on a Monday morning, but many of us are so lucky with where we work and how we are treated." Traveling and witnessing the power ethical fashion can have on developing economies continues to encourage Phil to follow his passion and educate consumers. 

My Organic Flex Denim Classic Skinny Jeans are definitely my new favorite pair of jeans. I LOVE the fit. They are flexible, stretchy, and incredibly comfortable. I can tell these jeans were well made and crafted to last. The classic shade of blue makes these my go-to jeans for every occasion. 

The denim industry can be incredibly toxic for the environment and the people who work in the garment industry. I encourage you, as a Honest Consumer, to choose transparency and support the wonderful work Monkee Genes is doing. Monkee Genes is revolutionizing the fashion industry and education consumers. Monkee Genes carries a variety of styles and colors of jeans in both their men's and women's product line. Learn more and support their mission by checking out their website and ordering a pair of theses high quality jeans.