Honestly, I Need Your Help.

A boat load of honesty...I'm trying to figure things out and I really need your help. You all know I value honesty and transparency in the companies I work with and my own writing. So here is the honest truth about graduation & The Honest Consumer. I will be graduating from college in December. I am trying to get The Honest Consumer to a point where I can do it as a part time job. Researching companies, interviewing founders, writing, and organizing content is a lot more time consuming than you might think. If I end up having to get a full time job I fear that The Honest Consumer will be put on hold.

Basically in order to turn The Honest Consumer into a sustainable business and keep reading free for viewers, I need to hit 10,000 followers. Since Instagram is where my largest following is, I am setting a goal to hit 10,000 Instagram followers by December 15th, the day I graduate. Basically that means I have six months to try and double the following. It's a huge goal and I can't do it alone. I need YOUR help. Luckily, we have an incredibly strong and supportive community. I think we can definitely hit 10K by December! I've listed a few ways you can help grow our community. 

1) Tag friends in posts you think they would enjoy reading to bring them to The Honest Consumer.

2) Share The Honest Consumer's Instagram link on your social media! (Or really any Honest Consumer link, followers on all platforms are appreciated)

3) Comment! Your comments effect how The Honest Consumer posts show up on other peoples feed. The more comments the better! 

4) Share Posts. If there is a certain product or post you found especially interesting from The Honest Consumer's website, I encourage you to link it and share it on your social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

I truly believe in this community and am incredibly passionate about conscious consumerism. I REALLY want to make this work. I love working with ethical brands and am so grateful of everyone who follows, likes, comments, and reaches out. I could REALLY use your assistance growing this community! If you enjoy reading The Honest Consumer please, please share with your friends! Followers on any platform are incredibly helpful! Instagram is linked here if you want to share the link with your friends! It would be greatly appreciated. If you have any thoughts on how to grow our community I would LOVE to hear from you. Please reach out! Thank you all for continuing to follow & support The Honest Consumer!