Savvy Rest: Natural Bedding & Furniture Safe for Your Home

On my search for ethical home brands, I came across Savvy Rest. I am incredibly impressed with their initiatives. This is a company that values their customers, the planet, and social impact. Savvy Rest creates bedding and furniture using organic and natural materials, while giving back through multiple social impact initiatives. 

Savvy Rest founder, Michael had valued organic food and health for quite sometime, but never really made the connection between organic materials and sleep until he took a job with a futon company. Through this experience, Michael learned about the harsh chemicals and practices that were used through the mattress supply chain. Michael related this back to his health and struggles with insomnia. He knew that in order to get a good night sleep there are many factors including mattress firmness, comfort, and what customers are breathing in and out. Michael wanted to create a mattress allowing customers to breathe easy and wake up feeling well rested.  In 2004 the Savvy Rest team decided to create their own natural mattress. Since then Savvy Rest has expanded their products to include organic bedding, sofas, beds, cribs and more.

organic cotton pillow

Bedding is something that we, as consumers, don't think about on a daily basis. However, we spend a lot of time in our bed and need to consider how the materials could be impacting our health. According to Savvy Rest employee Liz, "We spend 1/3 of our life in bed. It's important to sleep safe, chemical free, and toxin free because these can cause cancer and other health issues. While our prices aren't cheap, it is important to make the investment because we are only given one body and we should take care of it."

Not only are the toxin free products good for the customers, but also the employees who make them. For example, the platform beds made in Charlottesville, Virginia, are not finished with lacquers or varnishes, but instead with natural and toxin free alternatives, allowing employees to breathe easy during the production of the products. Similarly, the bedding is made with organic cotton which frees the farmers from breathing in harsh chemicals and positively impacts the environment. Savvy Rest took the extra step to increase their environmental impact by partnering with American Forrests to plant five trees with every purchase made. 

I have sincerely enjoyed my Savvy Rest Organic Kapok Pillow. Made with organic cotton and kapok fiber, this pillow is customizable. The kapok fiber can be taken out and composted, allowing the customer to adjust the pillows firmness for their needs. My pillow is comfortable and I can sleep confidently knowing I am not breathing in harsh chemicals. I also LOVE that this pillow has a social impact as well. Savvy Rest has provided 2,100 pillows to their partnering domestic violence shelters. 

Savvy Rest's values are clear and I appreciate their transparency. It is great that they are revolutionizing the way consumers sleep and bringing awareness to the power of organic home goods. Savvy Rest is an employee owned company which encourages employees to share the values and strive to make a difference. This is a wonderful company that values their customers, employees, the environment, and making the world a better place. I encourage you to check out their products and consider furnishing your home with Savvy Rest.