Tax Free Weekend Challenge

I don't shop for clothes in the mall very often. I prefer to order online and research the ethics and materials used in making the products. However, this morning I ventured out in an attempt to find a last minute dress for an upcoming formal event. I had NO idea it was tax free weekend. The mall was a madhouse. Based on my experience today I want to challenge YOU to take part in conscious consumerism this tax-free weekend by recording where your clothes are made.  

When I'm last minute shopping like this I tend to shop American made clothes because although that does not guarantee the product is ethical, America does have labor laws and restrictions. So American made clothes are one of the safer options when navigating the mall. Yes, I am the crazy lady in the store turning dresses upside down to find the tag and see where their products are made. I went to five discount and department type stores that carry a variety of brands. Between the five stores I picked up a total of 35 items to try on and out of the 35...only 3 were made in America. Out of the 3 dresses that were made in America, I purchased one. 

If you are participating in Tax Free Weekend I challenge you to take notice of where the clothes are from. Count the number of items you pick up, the number of those that are made in America, and post your ratio in the comments below. Mine was 3/35.

If you are NOT participating in Tax Free Weekend you can still do the challenge! Take a look through your own closet and count how many t-shirts or dresses you have and how many are made in America! Post below! I'm super curious to see what everyone comes up with!