A One Stop Shop for Social Impact Goods: Ethical Trading Co.

ethically made jewelry

Looking for a one stop shop for socially responsible goods? You can find all your essential accessories at Ethical Trading Co. This ethical marketplace carries a variety of goods such as jewelry, home decor, coffee, and other responsibly sourced goods. 

The Ethical Trading Company was founded by James and his wife in Madison, Wisconsin. While traveling with a nonprofit, James learned about human trafficking and felt called to take action. James wanted to support other organizations that were creating jobs, focusing on education, and encouraging women to lift themselves out of poverty. During his travels he built a wide network of fair trade businesses and began exporting goods back to the United States to sell in a marketplace. 

Today, Ethical Trading Company goods can be found online and at vendor fairs. By selling these imported goods, this creates a demand allowing social enterprises abroad to employ more women. Therefore, Ethical Trading Company is helping to increase the amount of women who have the opportunity to work a steady job and rise out of poverty. Ethical Trading Company currently has partnerships in El Salvador, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Tanzania, and Thailand. Since founding Ethical Trading Co., James has continued to travel in order to grow relationships with his current vendors and discover new products to add to his marketplace.


Ethical Trading Company has a fundraising platform for motivated individuals. For example, if an individual is trying to raise money for a certain cause or mission oriented trip, Ethical Trading Co. will ship the individual a box of inventory. The host can invite their friends over, display, and sell the inventory, keeping a percentage for their cause. For those local to the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area, Ethical Trading Co. can bring inventory to your house and you can host a house party. Similar to the fundraising platform, the host gets to keep a percentage of the goods sold. Theses are great options for those in need of extra money! Not only do you get a bit of extra cash, but you also get to expose your friends to unique goods with a story behind each product.

I'm sincerely impressed with the variety of goods Ethical Trading Co. carries. My favorite product is the Peach Pearl necklace featured in the picture at the top of the post. I think the simplicity of the necklace is beautiful and allows this piece to go with many outfits. I also love the Burlap Messenger Bag because it is perfect for back to school! The beautiful green fabric lining the inside is the perfect touch. Great for carrying a laptop and textbook to class! I also enjoyed trying the Level Ground Chai and accessorizing my kitchen with this adorable Singing Rooster bird. 

I encourage you to check out Ethical Trading Company. There is something for everyone! The 4th Tuesday of each month there is a live Facebook sale! If you're a sale fanatic like I am follow them on Facebook to stay up to date!

Thanks to Ethical Trading Co. for sponsoring this post & being part of The Honest Consumer community!