Mentors: Women Empowering Women

Sometimes, especially in today's media, the focus can be drawn to women putting each other down. However, there are SO many women lifting each other up and it is extremely important to recognize women who empower other women. Women empowering other women can create positive community and encouragement. Through my entrepreneurial journey, I've connected with some kick-ass ladies who are changing the world. These hardworking women have been encouraged me to grow in many ways. I am so grateful for their mentorship. Meet these fabulous lady bosses!! 


This lady has been such a positive influence in my life. Lauren is the co-founder of one of my favorite social enterprises, Branded Collective. Lauren always lets me tag along to volunteer at events with her. She is continuously encouraging me to grow as a person and a social entrepreneur. She is so relatable and provides expert life advice. I am honored to call this fabulous woman my friend. 


This fun spirit is an icon of positive change. Michelle is passionate about ethical fashion and kind to everyone. She is a resource of information through her experience growing Michelle for Good and founding The Tote Project. She is always willing to hop on the phone and answer my questions! I finally got to meet her in person when she came to Nashville this year! 


This pretty mama does it all! Britt is incredibly creative, a wonderful photographer, and the founder of Frances & Theo. Britt is always willing to give me feedback, ideas, and express her creative opinion! She is a champ! Britt is always excited to help out with The Honest Consumer and collaborate.  Fun fact, Britt and I have also been pen pals mailing each other ethical goods! I can't wait to meet this lady in person!

women entrepreneurs


I was lucky enough to intern under this advocate for change. Hannah is the Director of the Nashville Social Enterprise Alliance. She is very knowledgable in the social enterprise field and always willing to answer my questions. We have had some great discussions and she has provided me with wonderful life advice. Hannah is always encouraging others and helping them live up to their full potential. 


Not only am I a huge fan of Natalie's work, but I am incredibly grateful for her willingness to help. When I first started The Honest Consumer she was nice enough to chat with me about her fabulously successful blog, Sustainably Chic. Since then Natalie has been very supportive, always willing to answer my questions and share tips. Soon I hope to meet this talented icon of sustainability in person.


I've had the honor of knowing this creative friend since the 7th grade. You could say we've seen each other during our best and worst times. When I first had the idea to start The Honest Consumer, Malayna was very encouraging and shared tips she had learned from growing her blog ATX Coffee Review. Malayna is a talented creative and incredible photographer. I'm lucky to call her my friend.