Three Huggers Beeswax Wrap: The Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Wrap

Reduce Waste with Beeswax Wrap

I am OBSESSED with Three Huggers Beeswax Wrap. This is an essential product to have in your kitchen! This life changing wrap is a sustainable alternative to saran wrap and plastic baggies. Wrap up your fruits, sandwiches, cheese, or just about any other item (except raw meat). When you’re done with the wrap you can run it under the sink with a drop of soap, let it air dry, and REUSE!

Three Huggers founder, Tara was inspired by the creative businesses her kids would dream up. She wanted to encourage their entrepreneurial spirits by starting a family business. Tara searched to find the perfect product for her family to create and feel good about. She came across reusable food wrap and learned how to make the sustainable product with her kids. The family effort paid off and Three Huggers officially launched in April 2017. Tara and her family make the beeswax wrap using organic and natural materials such as Jojoba oil, an anti-bacterial, keeping your food fresh!

Why Beeswax Wrap Over Plastic?

1)    Better for environment

Reduce the amount of waste your household sends to the landfill by reusing your beeswax wrap to save your leftovers. This prevents having to throw away sandwich bags and other plastic goods that preserve your food.

2)    No harsh chemicals

While plastic wrap can contaminate your food with chemicals and toxins, Three Huggers Beeswax Wrap is made with organic and natural materials keeping your food fresh. 

3)    Save Money

Since beeswax wrap is reusable, you can check plastic wrap and plastic baggies off of your grocery list for good.

Easy Alternative to Plastic Wrap

I was lucky enough to try out Three Huggers 100% Organic Cotton Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap - Multipack. I am seriously addicted! Goodbye to plastic bags and plastic wrap! To be honest when I first set out to try the beeswax wrap, I was concerned that it might make my food taste different, but it doesn't! My fruit still tasted the same and fresh! The beeswax wrap has a fresh honey smell and comes in adorable patterns! 10/10 would recommend Three Huggers Beeswax Wrap! 

Three Hugger is doing wonderful work reducing waste from the kitchen and moving the industry in a sustainable direction. I absolutely love the family aspect of the business and admire that Tara is using her business as an opportunity to teach her kids the importance of sustainability and business skills. It's never too early to start learning those key lessons! I encourage you all to check out Three Huggers and consider making a purchase.