Mawu Lolo: Ethically Made Summer Sandals That Empower

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Mawu Lolo founder, David was a commercial real estate developer in Minnesota when he got connected with Sam, an inspiring pastor working in Ghana. Through this friendship, David learned about issues in Ghana such as the lack of education and opportunity for women. David was impressed with Sam’s drive to help and formed a partnership with Sam's ministry, Globalserve. The partnership assisted in setting up a preparatory school, a vocational school, and eventually led to the creation of the Mawu Lolo project.

Due to extreme poverty and a lack of opportunity for women in Ghana, prostitution is prevalent. The vocational school provides a safe way for women to lift their families out of poverty through the teaching of employable skills. Women who attend the school are taught how to sew. After graduating from the vocational school, each graduate receives a sewing machine so they are able to continue their trade.

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Three years ago the Mawu Lolo shoe inative was launched in order to provide employment for graduates. Mawu Lolo, meaning God is great, allows trainees to remain at the school and receive a fair wage to craft Mawu Lolo sandals. By accepting a job at Mawu Lolo, women are able to remain in the village and keep their families together. However, not all graduates stay in the community. Some use their sewing machines to start their own businesses. While a big part of the mission is to educate women, men artisans are involved in the sandal making process too. Since launching, the Mawu Lolo project has been able to provide employment to twenty individuals! 

Mawu Lolo sandals are made with love and care by dedicated artisans. The beautifully colored fabric used to make the sandals is called Kente cloth. Kente cloth is woven locally in Ghana with each color representing a special meaning, as pictured to the right. Each pair of sandals are carefully crafted by hand and shipped to America to be sold online and in select boutiques in Minnesota. 

I am in LOVE with my Mawu Lolo Elinam sandals! These sandals are incredibly unique because of the Kente cloth. The abundance of color allow my Mawu Lolo sandals to match all my outfits. They are perfect with a pair of jeans or with a cute sundress. The Mawu Lolo sandals are very well made and comfortable too. There is a good amount of support in the bottom of the shoe which I appreciate. I am proud to wear these fashionable sandals knowing they provide a livable wage to hardworking individuals in Ghana. I encourage you to check out Mawu Lolo sandals and consider grabbing a pair for your beach adventure this summer! They have a few different styles and an quite a lot of color choices. Check out their online shop below.