Thankful Thursday: Behind the Scenes of The Honest Consumer

Let's be honest. I couldn't pull off The Honest Consumer all by myself. Thankfully I am surrounded by incredibly creative and supportive friends who are willing to help out. These beautiful souls deserve a shout out and more thank yous than I could ever give. Learn a bit about these lovely humans with some fun facts. 

***If you have creative skills, are located in the Nashville or Dallas area, and interested in helping out The Honest Consumer, please reach out.  Must be willing to accept payments of hugs or coffee because I am a broke college student. 

creative group of people


Not only is this handsome guy my significant other, but he is incredibly patient with me and has an eye for photography. He puts up with my sass and doesn't always get the credit he deserves. He is the silent hero behind The Honest Consumer and a great support system always encouraging me. He occasionally plays the role of tech support too.

Supportive Entrepreneur Friends


This dear friend has been willing to model the occasional Wear Your Label tee and calm me down when my anxiety is getting the best of me. Sarah is a lover of coffee and enjoys finding cute clothes at Goodwill. 

Creative Minds


This lady always keeps me laughing which is perfect for capturing those candid shots. As a film major, Kendal has a creative eye and is my go-to photography adventure friend in Nashville. This creative individual is a goat enthusiast, loves Paula Deen, and enjoys using the word trash. Kendal is my road trip buddy. Fun fact, we rode the Polar Express. 

Supportive friends


While Alberto is not a fan of the camera, he is a professional bag holder and an occasional hand model. Alberto brings attitude with him wherever he goes. Fun fact: He is the most dedicated Ariana Grande fan I've ever met. 

Behind the Scenes of Blogging


Aubrey has been known to come up with creative hair styles, click the button on the camera, and pose as the occasional jewelry model. Fun fact: We met in the 7th grade over our love for Justin Bieber. No shame. We've been friends ever since. 

Support Groups


As one of my sweet roommates, Cori has been known to proofread the occasional feature and push the button on the camera. As an English major, this southern sweetheart is the perfect lady for catching my typos. Cori is a lover of sweet tea and styling hair.



As a fellow social entrepreneurship major, we traveled to Haiti together. Rachel is a great support system and she always gets me. This pretty lady has been known to model sandals and catch some of my typos. Rachel is a pizza enthusiast and a dog mom. 



This personable character has been encouraging throughout The Honest Consumer. Ed is always willing to brainstorm with me, full of good ideas, and kind enough to help me with my first booth. Fun fact: We connected through Instagram.

There are more lovely supporters, mentors, and friends of The Honest Consumers! More Thankful Thursdays coming soon!