GoodBeads: Jewelry Encouraging Wildlife & Environmental Conservation

Choker That Protects Wildlife

Want to "look good and save animals?" GoodBeads jewelry is carefully crafted with a love for nature and sustainable materials. For each piece of jewelry sold, GoodBeads donates $5 to a partnering nonprofit focusing on wildlife & conserving the environment. 

In 2015 Monika founded GoodBeads to follow her passion of giving back to the Earth. Living in Massachusetts at the time, Monika dabbled in a few fields previously working for a credit union, a nonprofit focused on eco-friendly construction, and studying natural resource conservation. Monika enjoyed capturing wildlife in their natural habitat through her love for photography. This motivated entrepreneur wanted to combine her passions with her skills in a way that would have a positive impact. She began crafting and photographing jewelry made with recycled glass beads. Monika eventually established partnerships with nonprofits driven to help the environment. Through these relationships and her love for the Earth, she decided to donate $5 for each piece sold. 

GoodBeads products are handcrafted with recycled beads, hemp, vegan suede leather, and other conscious materials because GoodBeads is committed to being as eco-friendly as possible. Even GoodBeads packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Consumers can easily find a product that is right for them with the GoodBeads gemstone meaning page. Each gemstone bracelet has a unique meaning allowing customer to express themselves through jewelry. GoodBeads even has a men's line of accessories. This in unique because it can be challenging for men to find sustainable fashion options. When checking out online, customers can choose from three categories: rainforest, wildlife, or oceans, to decide how their purchase impacts the environment. 

Monika donates to a mix of large and small organizations including The Rainforest Foundation, The Global Classroom, Wildlife Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy, Oceana, and Grupo Ecologista Antares. Monika chose Global Classroom and Grupo Ecologista Antares as nonprofits to giveback to after volunteering with them. As GoodBeads expands Monika hopes to travel and visit all the organizations GoodBeads donates to so she is able to see the direct impact. 

Jewelry That Helps Wildlife Conservation

I absolutely love my choker from GoodBeads! This necklace is well made, high quality, and a fashion statement. GoodBeads offers a variety of birthstone chokers, bracelets, and more. Be sure to check it out! I encourage you to stay tuned for more from The Honest Consumer & GoodBeads!