Stay Cozy & Give Back with Fazl Socks

Socks That Give Back

“We wanted to be a part of what was good and what was already working.” –Vanessa, co-founder of Fazl Socks

Co-Founder of Fazl Socks, Vanessa began her journey as a change maker when she volunteered at a children’s home in India. While volunteering at the children’s home Vanessa met her husband and the two felt called to take action. Vanessa continued on to get her masters and wrote her thesis on children’s home resilience and holistic education. After finishing up her education Vanessa made the move from Canada to India.

While living in India Vanessa and her husband continuously asked the question, what is really helping? The two change makers wanted to understand their surroundings and the issues revolving around poverty and children’s homes. They saw an incredible financial need and wanted to create opportunity for those living in poverty.

Inspiration was found in wool socks Vanessa had bought from an Indian market. Being from Canada, Vanessa reflected on the demand for wool socks. Vanessa wanted to take the skills that already existed in the community and create more opportunity by exporting these unique socks to Canada. Vanessa and her husband began networking and found a few business partners. Through out their entrepreneurial journey their hearts were still with the children’s home.

Vanessa and her husband decided to donate 50% of Fazl Socks profits to the children’s homes that initially inspired them to take action. These homes provide food, education, and shelter to orphans. The children’s homes Fazl Socks partners with go beyond the basic needs and are encouraging the children to have a bright future by giving each child the opportunity to go to college. The funds from Fazl Socks help make this possible.

In under a year Fazl Socks has worked with 400 artisans in India. The women are to receive a fair wage while making the socks out of the comfort of their own home using ethically sourced wool and techniques that have been passed down for generations. Socks are then exported and sold.

I LOVE that Fazl Scoks is utilizing a skill set that was already apart of the culture. I think it is wonderful that Vanessa and her husband took the time to understand the problem and figure out how they could help. Fazl Socks are cozy with a unique design. I am excited to watch them grow!