Bohnd Bracelets: Helping Young Entrepreneurs

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Bohnd Bracelets bring people together while encouraging individuals to embrace their unique stories. A portion of the bracelet profits are invested in young student entrepreneurs. 

Co-founders of Bohnd bracelets, Jeremy and Cody, have been best friends since elementary school. In their grade school days the co-founders originally had an idea to create bracelets that represented colors of various sports teams, encouraging customers to take part in team pride.

After Cody spent time abroad the two friends decided to start their entrepreneurial journey.

"After wearing bracelets from traveling abroad, we realized how a simple wristband could spark conversations and connect people in a really unique way. We want to create that same catalyst for everyone." -Cody, Co-founder of Bohnd Bracelets

Cody and Jeremy built off their previous idea and created reversible bracelets, but decided to leave the meaning of the color to be determined by the customer. Customers are able relate the colors of their bracelet to their own story, a specific cause, team, or important life event. Then customers can share their unique story and trade bracelets with others to create a “bohnd” between people coming from different walks of life.

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Jeremy and Cody entered their idea for Bohnd Bracelets in a business plan competition and received funding for the first round of manufacturing which also inspired their giving back initiative.

"We were able to get Bohnd Bracelets off the ground from winning a few pitch competitions when Cody and I were undergrads at WKU. We want to give that same opportunity to other students who have great ideas." -Jeremy Co-founder of Bohnd Bracelets

10% of profits from Bohnd bracelets go toward a Pitch Night which encourages student entrepreneurs, 18 and under, to present their ideas to the Nashville community. Bohnd Bracelets has partnered with local organizations and high to find young entrepreneurs with community oriented ideas, who are willing to present. At the end of the Pitch Night community members will vote on the ideas pitched and the winners will receive a cash prize to continue their entrepreneurial venture. This gives the young entrepreneurs exposure to resources and a network of people interested in supporting their ideas.

My Bohnd Bracelet colors are green and pink. These colors serve as a reminder that despite the chaos taking place in the world, it is important to focus on loving one another. I encourage you to check out Bohnd Bracelets. Bohnd Bracelets can be purchased online and in a handful of stores.

If you are local to the Nashville area I encourage you to support Bohnd Bracelets and young entrepreneurs at the first Pitch Night April 9, 2017. Click here for further details and ticket information.