BANDED: Hair Ties That Give Back

Headbands that give back

Each BANDED product provides three meals for a child in Uganda, Latin America, or the Caribbean. 

BANDED was inspired by a gap in the market place of headbands causing headaches. When BANDED was first designing their headbands, the team figured out a mechanism to fit children and adults pain free. This led to an innovative patent on BANDED’s headbands which have intricate pockets on the side of the headbands allowing for comfort and stability.

The BANDED team wanted to do more than just make a good product. They wanted to make an impact. This led to BANDED’s partnership with Amazima Ministries International. Amazima Ministries International works in Uganda to feed, educate, and encourage those living in poverty. BANDED and Amazima have been able to grow and expand together.

BANDED started out as primarily athletic headbands and transformed into a variety of products creating fashion statements. Each headband is a beautiful piece of art. This led to BANDED’s product expansion including baby products, scarves, fashion headbands, and the hairband bracelet, my personal favorite.

BANDED has expanded their mission into the Caribbean and Latin America by partnering with Food for the Poor. BANDED staff has been able to travel abroad and see the direct impact their partnerships have. So far BANDED has been able to donate 9,896,709 meals to those in need.

I’m a huge fan of BANDED products. Their headbands are INCREDIBLY comfortable and they don’t slide around! I have struggled to find headbands I like, but BANDED is changing the game. I also love their hair tie bracelet! The hair tie bracelet makes your hair ties into unique accessories. You can change out the hair tie to go with your outfit! Check out BANDED today and use the code HONEST15 to receive 15% off!