Aunt Flow: Talking About The Tough Stuff

Organic Period Subscription Box

WOW! Aunt Flow is changing the game. Aunt Flow is a social enterprise starting the conversation about menstrual cycles and the lack of accessibility to menstrual cycle hygiene products. Aunt Flow is a buy one, give one subscription box of all natural, biodegradable menstrual cycle hygiene products. For each box sold, an equal amount of products are donated to a partner organization helping those in need receive access to pads and tampons. Aunt Flow uses gender neutral language when discussing menstrual cycles to carry out their mission of being inclusive to all regardless of economic status or gender.

Claire, founder of Aunt Flow, is an ambitious young woman. Claire felt unhappy in college and knew she wanted to make a difference, so she dropped out at the age of 19. Claire took time to network and build up her connections. While Claire was attending a start-up weekend, she got her period. Claire had the luxury of being able to run home and grab a tampon, but this got her thinking. She realized tampons and pads are not accessible and affordable to everyone. After researching, Claire learned that nearly 14 million women living in poverty in the United States are struggling to get menstrual cycle hygiene products. These goods are not covered by food stamps and the added tax makes these products a struggle to afford. Similarly, menstrual cycle hygiene products are one of the top requests from shelters across the U.S., but because periods are not openly talked about these supplies are rarely donated. Claire decided to take action by embracing her entrepreneurial spirit and founding Aunt Flow.  

Aunt Flow’s menstrual cycle hygiene products are made of 100% natural cotton, 100% biodegradable, FDA approved, and made without synthetics, chemicals, and dyes. The subscription box can be customized to best suit the customers needs. Customers can choose how many pads, tampons, and what type of tampons they would like to receive in the box. For each box sold, an equal amount of menstrual cycle hygiene products are donated to a partnering nonprofit across America. While creating, their box customers can read about the nonprofits and choose which nonprofit they would like to support. New non-profit partners are selected quarterly, allowing customers to support various organizations. Each month Aunt Flow features a woman owned business in the boxes. In my box I received a coupon for a free print from Brim Paperly.

Since the official launch in October 2016, Aunt Flow has been able to donate 22,000 menstrual cycle hygiene products to their partnering non-profits. Aunt Flow is working to encourage conversation about periods through speaking events and humorous marketing. “People helping people. Period.” is just one of their fun slogans used in marketing.  

I am very impressed with Aunt Flow. This team is addressing a problem that is relevant and needs attention. This is an issue that you might not typically think about. That’s exactly why it needs to be talked about. I encourage you to share Aunt Flow's mission with your friends and start the conversation. Along with loving Aunt Flow's mission, I was very pleased with the products that came in the box. They are great quality and support a great cause. Stay tuned for a special offer from The Honest Consumer & Aunt Flow!  

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